Wednesday, March 12, 2014

And then she was four ...

Beatrice Kate,

I cannot believe you are four years old today. Four. As in: one, two, three, FOUR Years Old. As in, not a baby, not a toddler; but a full fledged little girl.

The difference in you these days, compared to last year, is just mind-boggling. Your grasp on life, both in a conceptual and practical way of thinking is so impressive. You are so, so smart, which we always knew, but now you showcase your brilliance in ways I never imagined.

Your imaginative play, story telling, song writing, tune singing, the list goes on. Your creativity truly knows no bounds.

Watching you soak in every detail of your world makes my own world a little more bright and vibrant.

You are such an individual. And your confidence in yourself inspires my own self-confidence. Yes, you're quirky...

A one-man-wolfpack even, but the ability to  do your own thing, regardless of what others around you are doing will take you so far in life.

We call you the "accidental leader" because of your tendency to do whatever feels right for you and how everyone around you seems to fall in line.

I wish I could capture your hilarity in this small letter, because friend? You are hysterical. So many quips, knock-knock jokes, one liners, and out right silly things each day make being your mommy so great.

Yes, the last year has been a little challenging; mostly because of your fiery spirit and incredible determination to achieve your goals (no matter how big or small). It's hard to set limits for a kiddo who can outsmart me, or find a loop hole in every argument.

Mostly though, the last year has been such a joy to watch you develop into this tiny human who will do such big things some day. You have always been the center of my world, from your first tiny, kitten cry. But now, I see glimpses of how our relationship may be a friendship in the future and it makes my heart so happy.

I love you more than you can imagine!

Happy FOURTH Birthday!



  1. FOUR?!?!?! Time flies. And that scares me....mine will be 4 in just a few weeks. Happy Birthday, Beatrice Kate.

  2. Ashley this is absolutely beautiful! Your love for your daughter is definitely something that all woman should admire. You are not only an incredible role model to Bea but to everyone else! I think she is just as lucky to have you as a mom!!!

  3. Ashley, Bea is the most beautiful child. That sweet face and smile. Melts your heart.
    Have missed seeing her at the office. Time for a visit and hugs.

    Jean Roberts

  4. What a beautifully creative expression of love for your incredibly gifted & talented princess of a daughter! Much love to all of you & a big Happy Birthday to Beatrice Kate!

  5. Happy 4th Birthday, beautiful!!