Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The first haircut ...

If you know Casey, you know that he's had one pretty hard rule since Bea started growing her long, luscious locks of hair... No haircuts. We've both become quite attached to her bouncy, golden curls. For the most part, it's never been a problem. Bea has been great about allowing me to brush her hair each night, and we use a good conditioner to help with knots. But lately, her hair has taken on a life of it's own and it was obvious it was time for a haircut. Her first haircut.

I'm sure I'm being a big baby about the whole thing, but come on... You can't tell me you wouldn't be a little sad to see these curls possibly cut out forever, can you? Especially the one in the middle...
But, tangles have become a daily fight and Bea's hair as become a little frizzy at the ends as a result. So, while visiting my Dad this weekend, I asked my step-sister, Lacey, to give Bea's hair a quick trim. Honestly, I was so thankful Lacey could fit us in. I really only trusted her to do this first haircut and I truly only believed that Bea would feel comfortable with Aunt Lacey, enough to be willing to go through with it.

Bea felt like a pampered Diva and kept echoing my pep talk to her "Mommy, we're just going to trim the ends and then it can grow really, really long like Rapunzel:
Lacey, a mother herself to Bea's cousin Ava, knows how attached we are to Bea's curls. She even banded my favorite curl together, so I can put it in Bea's baby book bin of sentimental crap:
I tried, really, really hard, not to cry like a baby when this happened:
I feel a little sick looking at this, to be honest...
Or when this happened:
All. Those. Curls... Someone hold me
Beatrice Kate on the other hand, was Queen for a Day. And I kept finding her sneaking herself smiles in the mirror during the whole process:
She did so well at staying perfectly still so Lacey could get an even cut:

Serious Task. Serious Face. 
You guys, when did my tiny, kitten-sized newborn become this beautiful, full human:

I mean seriously? I know she's my kiddo and all, but she's something, huh?
When it was all said and done, really... there wasn't that much cut off.
Oh, right. I forgot to mention the orange. Um, well, since Daddy didn't come down on the trip with us, we took advantage of the chance to add in some (very, very temporary and non-toxic, chalk-based) color. It made a special day even more special:
Here are the before and after photos:

And those curls that I love so very much? Yea, they didn't go anywhere:


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