Monday, September 9, 2013

(Pre)School of Rock ...

Beatrice Kate had her very first day of real-deal, proper, preschool last week. Sure, she was in a part-time Parents' Morning Out program last year, but that was all toddler mayhem and free-play chaos. This school is, as Beatrice Kate calls it, "Big Girl Preschool". Naturally, I had to document the occasion:
Please ignore the copious amount of sunscreen caked to her face. She doesn't really look that pale in person.
Thankfully, she was in a complaint mood, and willingly took photos with Daddy before he left for work:

And by "compliant", I of course mean, "compliant for about 3 minutes":
Then she started gettin' a little sassy:
In case it isn't obvious to everyone, she's shouting "Cha-Eeeeee-Suh" here ...
You know what cures Preschool Sass, right? Yep, irritatingly cute signs, made especially for the occasion:
Which she was thrilled about:
Or not:
To my amazement, Bea was so excited about going to school. She would ask every two seconds if "Maybe, we can go to school now?":
So. Much . Sass.
Don't worry, the picture taking continued once we arrived:
Over. It.
Hey Bea, let Mama take your picture next to the flowers:
We've got a comedienne on our hands, you guys. 
Thankfully, it was time to go in:
She quickly found her named cubby, where Miracle of Miracles! A teacher who actually understands the concept of a DOUBLE FIRST NAME (3/4 of our own family still can't get that one right):
After putting away her backpack, snack and lunch box into her cubby, she walked her little self right on into the classroom, without even looking back:
It helps that her teacher is the single nicest person in the entire world.
The entire way up, Bea kept making sure, "You're not going to stay, okay Mommy? You can come back later, but I'm going to stay here to play and you're going to leave". Her teacher had to remind her to say goodbye to me. Me...HER MOTHER:
Apparently, Bea loves preschool. Like, really loves it, asks-if-we're-going-to-school-every-day loves preschool. It's kind of incredible. To celebrate her new found zest for learning, we took a trip to her favorite local spot, Locopops:
Oy. This pirate thing is getting out of control you guys. 
And Daddy joined us for the treat:
One of these things does not belong (at this table).
Oh, alright, I got so caught up in documenting the special day, even I am in a few photos:
 We're so proud of Bea's new confidence and hope it continues to grow throughout the year.


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