Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Parkin' it with Mandrake and MiMi ...

Before we headed back home after our hair-cutting adventures this weekend, we were able to get some serious Family Time with Beatrice Kate's BFFs- Mandrake and MiMi:
And yes, some of this quality time might have included a picnic featuring my father's favorite, "Kentucky Fried". Bea didn't argue:
There are few things this kid loves more than a fried chicken leg and some okra on the side. She's a Southern Belle at heart, I'm afraid. Thankfully, her Southern Hospitality obliges her to be giving:
But not with this guy:
After she stuffed herself silly with more saturated fats than she's ever eaten in her life, she ran down to the playground to burn some of it off. She also had two very eager, willing-to-play grandparents at the ready, so I stepped back and let them be front and center:
Bea quickly found out that Mimi and Mandrake have very different swing safety standards from her father, which she didn't appreciate. Soon we were off for a walk around the lake:
And by "walk" I mean, "skip, hop and a little dance-walking thrown in for good measure":
Did I forget to mention that Beatrice Kate and Mandrake are forever-connected souls? Well they are. These two, let me tell you, are cut from the same cloth:
Fake Smiles must run in their genes...
About a quarter of the way around the lake, Bea decided she was too hot and took advantage of the recently-vacated stroller:
I can't blame her honestly. It was a pretty sweet ride:
It eventually was a little too hot for everyone and we found a spot in the shade for a little beach ball kicking:
MiMi and Beatrice Kate had a captive audience:
Crazy hair styles run in their genes ...
Overall, it was a great way to spend the morning and it bought about 45 minutes of sleeping silence in the car ride back to Durham.
And I know I say it all. the. time, but seriously... this kid has grown so much in the last few months. I think her body has been concentrating its efforts on growing hair and legs alone!


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