Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Randoms ...

**I never blogged about it, but last week Casey and I had our first Date Night Out in over 6 months. That's just sad. One of our favorite neighborhood teens babysat Bea and headed over to the Museum of Life and Science for The Science of Beer:
When Bea found out we went to the Museum without her (which, btw, she calls "her museum") she was utterly offended and said, "You went BY YOURSELVES?!?" Yes, yes we sure did:
And we drank beer while doing it. So there.
 Though, clearly, Casey shouldn't be allowed in unsupervised:
**Bea's dance class re-started two weeks ago too. We decided to move her up to the "older" kids class (4 and 5 year olds), and it's a little trickier for her and the age difference absolutley shows. But she's hanging in there and doing really well. I see her practicing her moves each week after class:
**I have a really, really busy fall coming up and have been working hard in my current Off Call Time to get our house organized so it can run more smoothly when I'm away at long births. One of the things I've tried to do is get a central "command center" put up with our family calendar, meal plans, house chores and a cork board for important papers. I asked Casey to install the cork board a few nights ago and he spent nearly 2 hours on the project. You know, getting it juuuuuuuust right:

**This fall, I'm spending Thursday mornings in a Women's Bible Study Group at a church here in Durham. No it's not Moravian. But it is an incredible group of women (70!) all studying the story of Ruth and Naomi and it's been incredible. I'm so thankful to my friends Ali and Kathy for inviting me to join in.

**I looked back in my backseat on the way to school on Tuesday and this was what I saw:
She's too cool for preschool, I guess ...

**Next week, Casey is leaving us to go and speak about his work to a national conference in Washington DC. Bea is spending the week at her Grandpa and Grandpa Jan's house (Casey's dad and step mom). I'll be spending the week sleeping and watching what I want to on TV, maybe get a pedicure and a haircut catching up on work and waiting on a baby.

**And finally, a little video of You Know Who dancing like a fool to Outkast (yes, seriously) at Jimmy Johns a few weeks ago after Church:
I can't remember if I've told you all about her love for Jimmy Johns' yet or not. She loves it so much that we can't even say the words anymore around her or she goes BANANAS for a sandwich. Seriously. So, instead, we call it "James Johnathan's". And the eyes closed dancing? She does that when she really, really, really loves what she's eating. It's hysterical.


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