Monday, August 12, 2013

Your eyes are not deceiving you ...

This really is a new! blog post! Finally, our lives have slowed down a little, even if it's just a tiny bit, enough for us to resume blogging. I miss it. I miss telling everyone about the hilarious things my kid does. I really miss sharing photos of her with her grandparents (Hi Dad!). And I miss having everyone tell us how adorable our child is... you know, I'm needy like that.

Because we've been non-blogging for almost 6 months, it's probably best just to do a photographic catch-up huh?

The summer started out by saying goodbye to our friends at our former preschool:
And can I just add this photo in for comparison? This is Bea on her first day of preschool back in August 2012. My goodness, the difference is incredible. She has gained so much more confidence!:
And we started Summer Camp at our new preschool. Complete with a new lunchbox and backpack:
We took our first legitimate family vacation to the beach.:

It was more fun than Bea's letting on here:
Cooper at least had a good time:
Beatrice Kate sped up all 9 stories of the Currituck Lighthouse:
And raced to the top of Jockey's Ridge to fly her kite:
She spent some quality time with her one and only beloved Unka Evan:
And some girl-time with Aunt Leah:
Mommy was even persuaded to get in some family photos!:
We learned that while Daddy may be really into building sand castles:
Beatrice Kate prefers to supervise with a snack:
While on the coast, we took a trip to the aquarium:

It blew Bea's mind:
Fish?!? In tanks?!? That's insane!
Beatrice Kate caught up with Baby Paxton:
Much to his dismay:
Riding Paxton around "in his bike trailer"
Beatrice Kate also got in some poolside relaxation with her Mandrake, which they both needed I think:
Don't worry. Only one of those glasses contains Scotch.
We went strawberry picking:

And blueberry picking:
We spent a lot of time in the pool, both at swimming lessons:

And just for fun:
She's still perfecting her "Poolside Babe" look, for sure:
Casey says she looks like a Wes Anderson character...
It took three years, but finally, Bea decided that she LOVES the splash pad, so we've been there as well:

We bought a second car. A Jeep, which Bea calls the "Grumbly Jeep" or the "Sports Car" because it's a convertible. Both she and Cooper enjoy rides with the top down, even if they have to sit next to one another:
We've eaten waaaaaaaay to much ice cream:

And spent a lot of time with our friends, just being preschoolers:

We went to Durham Bulls Games:
And birthday parties:
Got dressed up and twirled around the kitchen (many, many, many, many times):
And then we've worn the same dress out to eat:
Bea also has a new "thing" for matching. As in, everyone wears a Family Outfit. It's really only cute on her:
We visited the Lemur Center:
But the thing I think Bea spent most of her summer doing this year was growing her hair. I mean seriously, this is getting out of control, right?:

And after all of that, we're now spending a little time just doing nothing:

I think we deserve it, right?


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  1. Sounds like you have had a fun, yet busy summer! Bea has grown so much!