Friday, August 30, 2013

The Assistant ...

There is hardly any project done in our house that my beloved, Casey, can't figure out and do himself. Since Beatrice Kate has grown up her whole life with a Daddy who can fix nearly anything, it stands to reason that she, herself, may take up an interest in ... helping.

Their latest project? Installing a motor sensing light fixture in Bea's bathroom, to aide in her nighttime potty training efforts. And when Casey needed to rewire a light fixture? His assistant was at the ready:
I know the thought of electrical work and preschoolers might horrify my own mother some parents, but in this household, it's a learning opportunity and a chance to further our attempts at raising a competent, self-sufficient woman. So when Bea asks to help Daddy with any project, we rarely decline:
 And yes, the main power to the house was turned off, so no, she's not going to electrocute herself:
 If you don't know Casey personally, then you won't have an appreciation for just how calm, and patient the man is. Seriously. He can teach anyone to do anything. That includes teaching our 3 year old how to use a wire nut (maybe that's the right word?) :
The kiddo might have the grace of an elephant in a china shop, but she has the fine motor skills of a neurosurgeon. She too is calm under pressure and expertly able to handle the smallest tasks:

Often times, Bea will ask to do any number of the part to a project; including holding the flashlight:
 Most of the time, she does a spot on job...
 But she is a curious preschooler after all, and she frequently gets side tracked:
 Casey is usually always able to gently guide her back to the task at hand:

Remember what I said about her fine motor skills? 
 Yea, she's pretty incredible:
 And I'm pretty sure her Daddy absolutely loves having his assistant on any house project:

I love to see the two share such a special connection in a way that's unique to her Daddy.


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