Monday, August 26, 2013

Little Trumpet Girl ...

There are a lot of reasons why our family feels at home in the Moravian church. Hello? Sugar cake and delicious cookies... The emphasis of worship through music especially speaks to our family. We've been attending Raleigh Moravian since before Beatrice Kate was born. So it seems only natural that as she's growing up, she seems to have a natural calling to music herself.

For the past several Sundays, Bea has been asking to take "her coronet" to service each week (Note: "Her Coronet" is actually an old coronet that Casey's Pop left to him when he passed. Bea has since claimed it for her own).

Sometimes it never comes out of the case and Bea watches the band from the side as we enter church together. Sometimes, she holds it and just stands next her Daddy has he play in the band. This week, well this week she woke up with a song in her heart. Over breakfast, she serenaded us with "Jesus loves the little children. Red and Green and Blue and White, they are special in his heart" (we're still working on the words, okay?).

Soon after, she started talking about "playing horns" from the minute I said "church shoes". She even insisted on carrying her horn all by herself:
Ya'll, this isn't a light case. I'm just thankful she didn't take a shine to a bigger instrument like the tuba (at least not yet). She had some serious determination.:
And a whole lotta sass.
I wasn't sure if she would actually play her horn or not in front of other people. But ya'll... the community of band members at our church was so encouraging to her, and so very welcoming, that she marched her little self right outside, stood next to her Daddy and had her horn at the ready:

Not once did anyone discourage her musical attempts. In fact, the band acted like it was totally normal to have a pint-sized coronet player in the group:

Naturally it drew a bit of attention, especially from the local residents who walk past our church each Sunday...
This guy is thinking: Man, they start 'em young here ...
I cannot tell you how blessed we were by the band being such good sports about Beatrice Kate's um... additions... to the band prelude. Truly, it made her day week month to feel included and a part of something special. She had the biggest smile on her face during her performance and after, throughout the service!

I was so proud of my little introvert, coming out from behind the shadows for a moment in the spotlight. It doesn't happen often; hardly ever in fact. More importantly though, I'm so thankful our church community values our children as part of our congregational body. Bea feels safe to be herself at our church, as she should, and it's growing her confidence Sunday after Sunday.

Most of you didn't know, Casey's Pop, but he was the person who started Casey in the band when he was a child. We liked to think that he had a front row seat in Heaven, watching this play out yesterday morning:

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these." ~Matthew 19:14

Be sure to turn your speakers up, as you'll hear Beatrice Kate's extra few notes towards the end of the hymn (I think it's right at 0:36) ...


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  1. Precious, beautiful & so talented like her Mommy & Daddy...I can't wait to see/hear what is ahead for Bea. I hope she & I can play some duets sometime! Musical talent obviously runs through both sides of the family!