Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I'll take "You're Driving Me Slowly Insane" for $100, please ...

Life with Bea right now is a little like playing 20 Questions, but in Jeopardy format, all. freaking. day. long. Instead of requesting things to eat or drink by the item's name, she'll start rattling off descriptors of whatever it is she would like.

Bea: I'm hungry. Can I have a snack?
Me: Okay, what can I get you?
Bea: Something yummy?
Me: Um, okay. How about pasta?
Bea: No, how about something green?
Me: Okay, salad?
Bea: No, I'd really like to eat something crunchy?
Me: Almonds?
Bea: No, silly. I want to eat something that's yummy and green and crunchy and something that's stringy. That's what I want.
Me: Yea, I have no idea what you're talking about... help me out please.
Bea: Moooooommmm (said like a teenager, mind you). I just want celery.

See? It's maddening. And her ability to colorfully describe items isn't limited to food. Now she's extended her adjective use to include her wardrobe.

For example, yesterday, while attempting to pick out an outfit to wear for the day, I was told the shirts I selected were "too purply", or "too balloony", or "too hearty", or "too pink-y"

And when Casey tried to pick out jam-jams last night? He got the same line about her PJ tops being "too elephanty" and "too bumble bee-y"... what did she end up settling on? This set:
Which in her words, was "just kitty catty enough for me"... Oy. She may be a crazy cat lady yet you guys ...


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  1. Well at least your child will wear pants. It's a dress or the end of the world here. Sometimes she can be persuaded to don a skirt...