Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Randoms ...

  • I'm almost *slightly* hesitant to say it out loud, because it can change in an instant, but I think.... just maybe... we've turned the corner in Preschool Behavior! We've gone nearly the entire week without a single Time-Out and hardly any tantrums. When I redirect or ask Bea to think about doing something differently (like maybe not dumping milk on the floor), she ... STOPS. And says, "Okay, Mommy." Wonder of Wonders!
  • Part of the reason I think she's had such good behavior is because I've simply run her little preschool self ragged with a morning and afternoon activity each day this week. Every. Single. Day. we've been out of the house from 9 until around 4 or 5 each evening. By 6:30, she's asking to go to bed. Of course, this means I'm not far behind her...
  • One of our activities this week was visiting our local museum. They had a new indoor exhibit that basically lets kiddos explore free-play and imaginative thinking by beaming various shapes that move and change size onto a flat floor surface. Who knew it had the ability to hold Busy Bea's attention for nearly 45 minutes:

By the end of it she had convinced the other children around her that her games were the most fun kind:

But of course, Bea lives in her own world, so she had no idea she was an Accidental Leader of any kind...

  • There's an entire blog post coming about Bea's current obsession with Pirates, specifically, Jake and the Neverland Pirates. I have no idea how she got into this show because 1) we don't have cable and 2) we have only one television in our home, and it's rarely on. But none the less, in Bea's mind, she's a swashbuckling sailor named Jake, and when she saw a cargo net at the museum, well... that was where we spent our remaining time:

  • Speaking of our museum trip, on the day we went, I asked her in the car if she would rather go home and rest after our morning adventure or go to the museum and play (she was quite tired by noon, so I wanted to give her the option). She replied, "In the name of The Lord, let's go to the museum!". I nearly ran off the road laughing so hard at her! I don't know where she comes up with this stuff.
  • We have another busy weekend planned coming up. From Bea's new preschool orientation, to a comfort measures class I'm teaching to a set of expecting parents and a Bull Game... I'm hoping we can squeeze in a little rest at some point!


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  1. My little one fell in love with a stuffed Jake doll that's as tall as she is. I don't get the fascination either, but BK is not alone. :)

    I love her comment about the museum--I was just cracking up myself!