Thursday, August 22, 2013

Defying Gravity ...

Fact: Several rainy days in a row with an active, imaginative and energetic preschooler leads to one extremely cabin-fevered mama who's quickly running out of ways to keep the TV off.

In an effort to burn off some of her Preschool Power, Beatrice Kate and I took a little trip to a new spot called Defy Gravity. It's a giant warehouse filled with wall-to-wall trampolines that you basically just go and jump until your heart's content.

I had heard about it from a blog of local mommies who "test out" places and spots around town. Finding out that they had a special "Kids Jump" seemed like the perfect way to cure our Storm Induced Hyperactivity.

Note: I'll apologize now for the crappy quality of these images. The fact that my iPhone isn't super great and my preschooler was on Level 10 mean it's hard to take a decent photo these days.

Honestly, I thought Bea may take one look at it, and be overwhelmed by the older children or boisterous crowd (she's an introvert through and through):
But, after her initial small "tester" jumps she was in High Heaven:
Oh, yeah! I got this, Mama!
She was looking at me screaming, "This! Is! So! Much! Fun!"
I mean seriously, look at this face:

Bea even braved The Foam Pit:
Albeit, slowly:

A little video of her "technique" (aka: slowly bounce to the end, slide down and pitch yourself forward):

At one point, she screamed up at me, "Mama! Pull me up by my feet this time!" She probably spent close to 25 minutes just running and sliding into that pit.

Then she'd go back to the trampoline floor and jump again:
She's got good hang time, guys.
Several times, she bounced her way right into the middle of a pack of older kids! Who is this kid?!?
Planning her next bounce move...
I was so, so proud of her and her willingness to try something new! Plus, this place is a dreamland for improving those still-delayed gross motor skills of hers. Can't we get insurance to cover our visits?!? Casey's already planning a family return trip so he can try out the trampolines (Even the Journey playing in the background can't keep him away):


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