Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day at the Movies ...

All summer long I've been waiting to take Beatrice Kate to see one of the $1 kid's movies that theaters around here put on (I'm sure it's probably a nation-wide thing, I have no idea really). But clearly, we've been quite busy the last few months, so it hadn't happened. Finally, the stars aligned and yesterday we had a hot, humid day and an unplanned, free morning; so we capitalized on the chance to spend the day at the theater.

Right or wrong, girlfriend LOVES to watch movies and television. I can't blame her too much though, because it may be genetic. My absolute favorite thing in the world is to go to the movies. My dad loves it too. It's sort of a family thing, and I was excited to share it with Bea. She had no clue what she was walking into. I tried to explain to her over breakfast what "going to the movies" meant...

Bea: Will we have Family Movie night in the day time?
Me: Sort of. Except instead of the family, it'll just be you and me. And instead of watching a movie on our t.v., we'll go see it on a big screen.
Bea: A big screen?!? How big?
Me: Pretty big. Giant, even.
Bea: Bigger than Mandrake's TV?

Since Mandrake's TV is the Gold Standard for television watching, she couldn't wrap her tiny, preschool mind around the fact that there was a screen larger than that. Once I told her about the popcorn we'd get to eat while we were there, she was the one who was rushing ME out of the house. Ya'll. That never happens. Ever.

But we eventually arrived...
Even though I read the time wrong, and we were 15 mins late, they still let us in, Thank God. Because this face?
She was ready to see a movie, dang it. I told her to be careful with her ticket and not lose it (yes, it was a 3 ft walk to the ticket taker, but we're talking about preschooler here you guys and she loses things all. the.time.). So, she held on to that ticket with her life:
And was very reluctant to give it up:
The concessions were even Preschool Priced (but not preschool sized, clearly) at $1 each. It was a steal. Naturally, Bea got her own popcorn:
And then it was showtime:
These photos are super dark, because, well, it was a movie theater and I was trying not to be too overly obnoxious. Bea was really into having the concessions during the film:

For the most part though, I think the film was over her head and more than once she leaned over to ask if we were going home soon. But she did think it was hilarious when the theater full of children started laughing at the jokes:
Somehow, we managed to stay through the end. And by the end, I mean that we stayed until every. single. person left and the credits were over. The kid treasures an experience, you guys:
After the movie, Bea spent some quality time with the real gem of the day... the coin fountain:

And then we played a little on the small lawn they had out front:
Bea was memorized by the differences in the "fake" grass and the real stuff and spent the better part of twenty minutes going between the two to feel each one:

It's the little things I guess...


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