Monday, August 19, 2013

Bubbles, Babies and a Busy Weekend ...

Yea, I know. I was all, "Oooo, you guys. I'm totally back to blogging" and then Radio. Silence. for three days. Well, here's the thing about being a doula, I never, ever know when a baby will come and hence, when I'll be called out to work. Add into that the need to you know, sleep and catch up on life after being inside of a hospital for the better part of two days and well, you guys can be flexible right?

So, here's the post I owe. Thankfully, my Mother-In-Law is a God Send and volunteered to take Bea to "Camp Grandma" (aka, her house), for Wednesday through Friday. So, for once I was able to actually rest after returning home from a marathon birth. Oh, and I squeezed in a little Me Time with a manicure:
Anyway, apparently Bea and her BFF, Grandma, had a great time because we had to content with an EPIC G-Tox (the detox from a stay at a grandparent's house) this weekend. Bea was in an extra grumpy mood on Saturday, and so we did what any self-respecting parents would do. We got the H out of our house and  fed her donuts. And not just any donuts. These were Monuts Donuts, and Bea will tell you, they are the best in town:
Don't worry, she also had half of my bagel. With peach preserves on it.
The weather was a little gloomy, which Beatrice Kate took as a chance to wear all of her rain gear. At once:
Someone should really tell her we live in NC, not Portland.
And I don't know if it was the G-Tox or if it was the fact that we had been separated from each other for a few days, but Bea has been extra clingy with me this weekend. At nearly every moment she was awake, and I was home, she was touching me in some capacity. It's hot, and a little annoying if I'm being honest (have you ever eaten dinner with a foot in your armpit?), but I know this won't always be so "cool" to her, so I'm secretly soaking up every sweet moment like this one:
After the sugar had time to set in, we took her over to the Farmers Market to burn that Crazy off. Most Saturdays our Farmers Market has a ton of vendors and for the past few months, there's been this guy who spends the morning blowing bubbles, of all sizes. In his mind, it's clearly a version of street art; but if there's a universal truth, it's that kids love bubbles. There's a whole other blog post I could do about this Bubble Guy and his odd rules for the children who enjoy his bubbles. But for now, we'll focus on the positives. Like how at first, Bea was content to hang out on the fringe, watching the other children enjoy the bubbles:
But then she remembered how awesome bubbles are. See, universal truth, folks:
Hold up. You guys. There are BUBBLES? You didn't say that.
And a miracle happened. Bea actually ventured into the dead middle of the ruckus, rowdy group of kids to pop bubbles:
And then realized that she could let the Fool Kids chase the airborne bubbles down, while she would hang out and have her pick of Ground Bubbles for the popping:

And honestly, I don't care how bizarre the Bubble Man behaves, or how many strange rules he has for "appropriate" bubble popping. He makes my kid this happy, so we let it ride:

After the Farmers Market, Bea was sufficiently tired and ready for a nap. Or so we thought. So, I ventured out to shop for Baby Paxton at a local consignment sale. And I rocked. it. out. with deals, ya'll. All of this?
 Only about $45.
I was happy with my finds for the Little Guy, but not happy to hear that while I was out, Bea flat out refused to nap (which isn't surprising considering she hasn't been taking real naps for the better part of the summer, but G-Tox requires extra rest), despite being tearfully tired. Instead, she spent most of her afternoon doing "science" around the house. And by "science", I mean, she was carrying a red balloon in front her face, examining items around the house:
Cause. Meet Effect.
We ended the night with a little low-key Family Movie Night, and called it done.
I'm glad we all went to bed early, because around 4 a.m. Sunday morning, I was called into another birth (see my original point about never knowing my schedule!).

While I was at the birth, Casey got Bea ready for church. Afterward, he took her to the NC Museum of Art to burn off more energy through rock climbing:
And Stage Performances:
She played the roles of "Fox" and "Opossum". Daddy had to sit in the audience, you see.
And despite only having this for a "rest" the entire day:
She still had energy to come home and put on more live performance art in our living room:
 The show had a lot of acts:

And a costume change:
I feel like if I could just have 1/1000 of her energy right now, I'd be more hyped than drinking several coffees. As it is, I really only just want a nap!

Hoping your weekends were a little less eventful?


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