Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ah, thanks for the clarification ...

Beatrice Kate, as you already know, has supreme vocal communication skills. Lately, it's been a little too good, perhaps. She's an expert, EXPERT, at arguing her point of view but alas, doesn't always have the logic and sound reason to stand upon for her case. In these instances, she resorts to repeating the same phrase over and over, emphasizing different parts of the sentence.

You know, just in case you were confused. Maybe you thought she mispoke.


Beatrice Kate: Momma, I'd like to have a cake for breakfast.
Me: Um, cake isn't a great choice for first thing in the morning. How about pancakes?
Beatrice Kate: But, I SAID, I'd like to have cake.
Me: Yes, I understand that. I said no. How about oatmeal?
Beatrice Kate: Mom. I said, I'D like to have CAKE. Chocolate cake. For breakfast.
Me: No, I'm quite clear on what you said. How about toast?
Beatrice Kate: I would really, REALLY, REALLY LIKE TO HAVE cake.
Me: Beatrice Kate, cake is not breakfast. You can have toast, oatmeal or pancakes. Or bacon or sausage, or even a smoothie. Just not cake. We don't even have cake in the house.
Beatrice Kate: Okay. But cake sure would make a yummy breakfast.

At that point, I almost want to give in, just because she tries so dang hard.


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  1. I agree with BK. I would like some chocolate cake for breakfast too please.