Monday, April 1, 2013

The Easter Bea

Sorry for the late start today, but good grief, our internet browser apparently has some issues with Blogger. Anyway, problem solved (I think) and we're back to blogging!

Normally, for Easter we go as a family to God's Acre at sunrise for our traditional Moravian service each year. This year, the cold and wet weather and the fact that we are JUST now all healthy meant that Casey ventured out solo (and got SOAKED in the rain) and Bea and I were left to see what the Easter Bunny dropped off overnight. And man, oh man... did the EB deliver this year:
He even left a bit of a Cotton Tail Trail for Bea to follow when she woke up, which was worth every bit of the small effort it took to lay it out (and tape down, because Cooper has been known to eat cotton balls like they're candy). Later in the day, she didn't want Casey to pick the trail up and throw it away because, "The Easter Bunny's gonna need that, Daddy. It's his tail.":
Side Story: You'll notice in the photos above, Bea's Easter basket had two carrots, eaten by the Bunny himself. By the time we woke up in the morning, the Easter Cooper had helped himself to one of them. Bea thought the bunny was especially hungry. 

Anyway, once at the end, she honed right in on her loot, which included a pair of "Pink Shiny Toms, Mommy!"
We talked, and talked and talked about the "real" meaning of Easter. About Jesus and his life and death. We talked about why it's special day to our faith and to Christians around the world. But honestly, once she found out that the day would include a basket of surprises, our stories and lessons fell on deaf, sugar-filled ears. At least the basket included some other, non-candy options, too:
But of course, there was a little candy:

We don't give Bea a whole lot of processed foods, candy included so when she receives it as a gift or on special days like Easter, she goes a little overboard. I think it took her all of about 2 seconds to start shaking eggs and figuring out there was more inside of them:
This face. It slays me:
Eventually, we tore her away from the candy long enough to get lunch assembled for the day. Unlike previous years, we actually had friends join us for Easter Dinner this year. It was a special treat for us to share a meal with friends. Bea even helped prep some of the desserts the night before, including homemade Hot Cross Buns:
 She was really into the folding and smushing part of the process, but honestly, she was a really big help:
 She even got the hang of making "Golf-t balls size, Mommy" buns:
We also made a carrot cake together, though I had to ice and decorate the cake while she was in another room because she couldn't keep her hands out of the icing. The finished products turned out great:

Overall, the meal was really good. Even if our friends are vegetarians and Casey and I (and Bea) were the only ones who ate the ham, it was still fun to cook the whole thing. Ham leftover for the next four months don't bother me:
Naturally, we had a kids table for the girls:
And this is the best shot I could get of both toddlers at the same time. You know, because they don't actually stay seated for longer than 2.5 seconds at a time:
After lunch, "Dr. Laura" (Madeline's Mom and my friend) showed the girls how to play a new board game:
Hairbows are out, it's gettin' serious.
I think it held their interest for about 6 minutes and then they were OVER. IT.:
The attitude on Bea's face is just to much. I can't even deal...
Anyway, we had such a fun day with our friends and it was great to get to cook for someone other than just us for once! It made the fact that we missed out on our families celebrations a little easier.

Although, remembering how we spent our first Easter with Bea, when she was still in the NICU should make every Easter since feel special, huh?

It's hard to believe she was ever this small:


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  1. Wow! The pictures of Bea in the NICU for Easter. Amazing.