Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bea and The Baby ...

I know I've been pretty absent this month, but honestly... there's a really, really good reason why. My little sister, CoCo, gave birth to a perfect, precious little boy. Meet Paxton:
And as much as I want to share with you all how he was welcomed Earthside, it's not my story to tell. But, suffice to say... there is one little girl who was very excited to meet her first cousin:
I mean, really, really excited to meet him:
This is, after all, the first baby she has ever been allowed to touch or snuggle. And girlfriend didn't pass up the chance for some hard-core snuggle time:
Bea was totally smitten with the baby. She spent a considerable amount of time just sitting with him in her lap, "holding" Baby Paxton and admiring him, cooing to him and parroting our own words of "He's just the tiniest little thing I've ever seen" to him (seriously, she said that over and over):
Funny Story: We were asking Bea what she thought of Paxton, and she thought for a minute and said, "He's tiny, and squishy and fancy! He's just like CoCo's potty seat!" My sister's old lady soft toilet seat was deemed a "really nice potty" Bea a few minutes before and I guess the similarities were too much to not comment on!

She was so very gentle, as I knew she would be, and seeing her next to a newborn only further served to painfully remind us that she is growing up waaaaaaay to fast. Suddenly, everything about her seemed bigger, older than she was minutes before she walked in the door:
I think I've mentioned it before, but Bea is fascinated by baby fingers and toes. So, naturally, she had to inspect Paxton's:
And when she discovered bare feet, well... The Fashion Diva couldn't let it rest until he was stylin'; despite my arguments that babies in fact, do not and can not walk, and do not and should not require shoes. My words fell on deaf ears:
And, before we left for the day, Paxton's baby feet were crammed into the tiniest pair of Chuck Taylors, ever:
Of course, once the baby was taken care of, it was time for Bea to try on a few of his extra shores; regardless of the fact that her feet are quite too big for them:
All in all, Bea did so well with Paxton. It was her kick-back of terrible behavior afterwards that has really thinking through plans to keep Bea an only child. If she was acting out so much over a cousin and the loss of attention from CoCo and MiMi... can you imagine how bad it would be with a full-time, live-in, never-leaving sibling?!? I don't think so.

Though, I was a little worried considering a certain husband of mine was starting to come down with a serious case of Baby Fever:

Even I have to admit, it looks good on him, doesn't it?


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