Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Randoms ...

  • Blogger is doing something weird with it's spacing and bullet points today, so let's just start this off with an apology for that...
  • We went to the first in a series of Bea's friends' birthday parties this week. These are friends we haven't seen in a while (because of my hectic schedule, not theirs). So understandably, Bea was a bit shy and kept to herself for most of the party. It didn't help that she looked like a poster child for Durham, in her vintage chicken tunic I picked up at a sale last week:
One Man Wolfpack ...
  • But, never one to pass up a party hat- girlfriend rocked it... Unicorn Style:

    And of course, once on, she hasn't take it off all week:
  • Watching infomercials with a party hat on. She's an animal.
Oh and the party favors didn't go to waste either:
Have you guys seen these in your local stores?

They've changed my life. Seriously. It's herbs already chopped up and frozen in small amounts:

I never use a full clove of garlic or a whole basil plant or cilantro bunch before it goes bad. So, this helps.

I made the most delicious homemade meat sauce ever last night. How do I know it was delicious? Well, my toddler was SHOVELING it into her gullet faster than I could cool it down for her. She is a mess, literally:

That's about it for this week. This weekend I'm traveling home to visit my family, for my sister's baby shower, hosted by my mother's side. It should be ... well, I'll report back on Monday. most likely.



  1. I am so going to look for those herbs! Whole Foods?

  2. Yes! Inquiring minds want to know - I am sick of buying a ton of basil. Mary Elizabeth

  3. yes! Whole foods! in the freezer section kind of near the pizza stuff? once they had it on a display attached to the door and once it was on a shelf. But seriously, it's awesome. I never use garlic before it goes bad and I also hate chopping it (because my hand stinks so bad afterwards!)