Tuesday, February 26, 2013

By "Baby Shower", You mean "Cake Shower" ...

My sister, CoCo, had her baby shower this weekend and Bea and I hit the road so we could take part.
As you already know, Bea's a little shy around new people and believe it or not, she hasn't ever met my mother's side of the family. Between quarantine as an infant and rotating holidays with Casey's family, we just haven't had the chance. But this weekend, it all changed.

Knowing she gets a little introspective around newcomers, I tried to set her up for success by putting her down for an early nap. And nap, she did. For the first time in WEEKS! she took a glorious 2.5 hour nap. Then it was game time.

At first, Bea was incredibly overwhelmed by the chaos of The Hen House cooing in equal parts over Courtney's belly and the Busy Bea herself. She was all, "Oh heck no. I don't do crowds":
Save me. Someone. Please.
But after a snack and once she realized there would be cake, she was ready to Par-Tay:
You guys. Did you know they have cake here?!?
Of course, it helped that her Bestie was there for moral support to MiMi:

I really wish this picture below wasn't so blurry, because it TOTALLY sums up these turkeys' relationship:
After the Great Cake Discovery, Bea was wired. And I mean WIRED. I lost track of the number of bites of cake she conned off of unsuspecting female relatives. The scheme went something like this:

Bea: Oh, what's that?
Nana (for example): Cantaloupe and Watermelon.
Bea: And, what else?
Nana: And peanuts.
Bea: And, what else?
Nana: And, celery and carrots and bell pepper
Bea: And... there's something else. What's on that on your plate right there...
Nana: That's cake!
Bea: Oh, you have cake. I love cake. Cake is my favorite. Would you like to share some cake with me?

I'm not even kidding. These ladies were helpless against her cute-filled defenses. By the end of the party, she was literally jumping in circles shouting (SHOUTING!) "Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake!"... And you wonder why we limit her sweet consumption.

Anyway, before all that mayhem, Courtney had some gifts to open. Which of course, she could never have managed without her um... assistant:
Ooo. Looky here at these gifts...
Attention. I'm going to open some gifts. I mean, CoCo is going to open some gifts...
Yea, that's pretty good. Not the best, but I'd keep it. For sure.
After a while, she got distracted. Sigh...Toddlers:
And eventually, left the room completely when Grammy got out a giant bin of toys:
Side Note; These two are named after the same great-great-grandmother! Beatrice (Kate), meet Edith!
Don't worry, CoCo managed alone just fine:
And Bea spent the rest of the weekend in the Lap(s) of Luxury. For real:

But she was so incredibly happy to be back at home and see her Daddy. This guy, I'll tell you, melts my heart:


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