Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Holiday Fever ...

While most of you were enjoying your Holiday Splendor in a fog of merry and bright, the Collins Household spent the last two weeks in a maze of dirty tissues, hot teas and a lot of terrible attitudes. Of all the crummy weeks to catch this wave of sickness around us, our family got it over Christmas.

It started with Bea the week before, who after going to the doctor was diagnosed with a sinus infection and a "touch" of pneumonia. Pneumonia. Seriously. And as it turns out, Beatrice Kate is a wee-bit sensitive to antibiotics and instead of a rash like most kids would present, Bea's reaction was entirely emotional. When she wasn't bouncing around at 2 a.m., telling us that we "needed to go do something"... She was an emotional basket case, crying and whining worse than anything I've ever seen over silly things (Who needs clothes when we go see our grandparents in the sleet anyway?!?).

Then, about two days later, I started feeling a little stuffy. But when you're a mama, the show must go on, and so I soldiered through our litany of Christmas Traditions all the while feeling like a Mack Truck had run over me. Then, on Christmas Day, Casey started coughing and sneezing. Luckily for him, most of the hustle and bustle was over, so he got to spend his sickness lounging on the couch.

So as a result, there aren't a lot of photos this year, but here are a few of the ones we do have...

The week before, we ventured over to the local museum for Santa Train, and believe it or not, Bea actually touched Santa. Granted, it was from Daddy's lap and the Fat Guy would have to do real work to get any better access, but I'm counting this as a win:
A few days later, it was Lovefeast time at our church. Naturally, like the good Southern Mama I am, Bea was dressed in her Christmas finest. Because of the rowdy behavior caused by her antibiotic, I had to nearly threaten her with No Santa to get this shot:

And can I get an Amen on these tights. Seriously, if there are any Hanna Andersson bigwigs who read my blog and want some undying loyalty and brand promotion in exchange for free clothes... I'll totally do it. Their clothes are Ah-Mazing:
After the photos, we ventured to Raleigh for the Children's Lovefeast. Bea was more excited about the buns than she was about the service, but at 2.5, I can allow it:
Regardless, it was beautiful as always and it was even more special this year because Bea wanted to participate:

Of course, Santa came:

And while we're not really big "present" people... I'd say the Big Guy did pretty good this year (even if 70% of the things were regifted, second-hand or homemade!):
And this face the next morning, when she saw her new Pink-Bike-With-No-Pedals:
Made it all worth the energy it took Casey, I mean Santa, to restore and repaint it:
And when she walked over to it, her first reaction was to HUG HER DADDY:
I nearly melted into the floor. Of course, next she wanted to ride it:
Which she did for a while until she discovered even more gifts:
But eventually, she went back to her Number One of 2012, this time in costume:
Oh and Santa? He didn't forget about me either:

And the mess in our living room proved that actually, no one was left out:
The rest of the week was spent in a blur of resting, coughing, wheezing and a lot of this:

And a whole lot of this, which can I just say, I missed a-freaking-lot:
Eventually, by the time that our family travels took us to Winston-Salem to visit Casey's family, Bea was feeling 100% better and Case and I were a little worse for wear. Luckily by that point, we had backups:

And now it's back to everyday life. Except now, we're in costume:



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  1. THAT BIKE! Seriously! It's the cutest bike I've ever seen. Sorry she was sick :( Elliot is sensitive to antibiotics, too. But we're lucky enough to get the rashes AND the emotional breakdowns.