Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I'm waving the white flag of surrender when it comes to the battle over all things Pink and Sparkly in this house. Despite being brought up in color-wheel equality in her short 3 years, the girl simply loves Pink:

I'm tired of fighting it. And slowly but surely, Cinderella ate my daughter:

One of the biggest reasons for not finding out whether we were expecting a boy or girl when I was pregnant was because we were afraid of the onslaught of pink, frilly, crap that comes with having a female child. I guess Bea decided to show us who's boss because girlfriend will pick out, and demand to wear the most girly-girl outfits she can find.

And? We're okay with it, because it was her choice. We're pretty open as parents and have always said that whatever path Bea takes in life, we'll support it. If she had chosen her favorite colors to be green and blue and she loved trucks, we'd totally buy into it as well. But she didn't. She chose all things Pink and the more glitter or shimmer something has, the better. So for right now, we're allowing this:
And this:
The temporary radio tattoo probably isn't very princessy, but like I said- we're equal opportunity supporters.
And okay, even this:
And at night, before Beatrice Kate goes to bed, we'll even support her strange demands to "Brush and pull out my hair like Cinderella". :
I refuse to allow birds and mice to help the child get dressed in the mornings. I'm drawing the line somewhere, folks.
For the time being at least.

And it's all because it's important to us that Beatrice Kate knows that we'll stand behind her in anything she chooses to do in her life. Now, it's princess and pink. Tomorrow it could be a History or a Psychology major, and someday it'll be a major life crisis. We'll start small.


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