Monday, January 7, 2013

Perfectly Ordinary Weekend...

I'll be the first to admit it- we're homebodies. We crave our "normal routines" and being within our comfort zones. And this past weekend, we finally were able to return to normal, to ordinary. And it was just what the doctor ordered.

On Saturday, we biked over to the Durham Farmer's Market (in the same area as our family photoshoot). This week, there was a guy there with this incredible bubble-maker-thingy (that's the scientific term, I'm sure):
I don't care what you say about Durham. Things like this are why we live here.
Through overhearing some of his conversations with others, I found out that this guy lost his job last week and wanted do something that made him feel happy. In doing so, he also made about 60 random kiddos manically happy as well. One of those kiddos was our girl:
My little shy girl. Ran into the crowds to get those bubbles. I was so proud. But also terrified she would mobbed down.

All that bubble chasing zapped her energy, because about 3/4 of a mile into the bike trip home, we looked back and saw this:
And yes, before I get hate mail about safety, I know. I know this isn't very safe. But we literally stopped every block or so to check on her breathing. She was NOT happy about being woken up so much and each time would grumble under her breath and fall back into this position. No matter what we tried, no matter how we repositioned her, she wound up like this eventually:
There are some battles I'll fight. Napping, in whatever form it comes in these days, is not one of them.
Moving on. After her brief rest, she was powered for the rest of the day and we took advantage of the beautiful weather and did a little swinging:
I can't remember what I've told you about our swing in the backyard, but well, it was rigged up by my husband, the engineer (read from that what you will):

And it goes really high:
Inspecting the safety of that thing isn't recommended, kiddo.
Like, "OHMIGOD, CASEY! Get her down from there right now"-the-first-time-I-saw-her-in-it High:
But darn-it, even if it is a deathtrap waiting to take away Mah Babee, she loves it. So we love it I accept it:
After the swinging sesh, Casey and Beatrice Kate opted for a picnic outdoors:
It was a little chilly out though, so it wasn't long before Bea joined me on the couch to snuggle and watch West Wing for 6 hours. Inside of my robe:
Sunday I was on Infant Nursery Duty, so Bea got the chance to show off her newest in NCSU Athletic Wear:
I'm counting the days until she's over that "Fake Smile" smile. For. Realz.
You better believe she will be wearing that little get up to a game this fall. And those shoes?!? I heard from another Mommy Blogger that See Kai Run was having a warehouse sale and was able to get those babies for $15! Seriously.

I hope your weekends were pretty low-key too and that you were able to enjoy the serenity that follows the Holiday Frenzy like we did. Sometimes, normal and ordinary are pretty wonderful aren't they?
That's a doll's bed and no, no, she's not wearing pants. Any more questions?

Well, as close to ordinary and normal as we'll ever get at least...



  1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who spent countless hours watching West Wing this weekend...

  2. Oh the West Wing. Let's be best friends, OK? And I can't wait until our perfectly ordinary weekend coming up...