Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Midweek Randoms

  • We're attempting to follow the 100 Days of Real Food guidelines for well, the next 100 days. So far, it's been really great and while our digestive tracks may have needed a bit of adjustment time for the overload of whole grains, it's been a pretty easy switch. For the most part, we eat really, really healthy and clean. It's just the sweets and refined sugars that Casey nor I can turn down. But over a week into it, I can say we don't really miss anything all that much. I've been finding and making "healthier" versions of our favorite snack foods and some muffins and breads with honey and apple juice.
  • To make sure we can stick to this when I start getting busy again with doula clients, I've been making 1 or 2 extra meals each weekend and freezing them. This way, on days I'm out or on days neither of us feel like cooking... voila! Meal made! I'm sure this will fall by the way side on the first bit of busy-ness I get, but for now it's working out fine.
  • You guys, I am seriously addicted to The West Wing. It was added to the Netflix cue over Christmas and I can't. stop. watching. What started out as a "Oh, okay, there's nothing else to do, so I guess I'll watch just one to see what the hype is about" has turned into a full-fledged jonesing for a show that's teaching me more about politics than I learned in a 9th grade Civics class. I feel like this crazy episode of Portlandia when Fred and Carrie spend a week watching Battlestar Galactica and not doing anything else and they go crazy from the lack of sleep and lose their jobs. It's that bad. 
  • Please excuse the fact that I just referenced my addiction to a television show with an example from another television show. That's just sad, isn't it? Just ignore me. 
  • Bea spent an entire two weeks over the Holidays complaining about how she "Doesn't like to wear jeans, Mommy. They don't feel good" and I may or may not have spent a small fortune at H&M on some cotton leggings for her. Of course now, that means that this week... she's all "Oh, I love jeans Mommy. They keep me nice and warm". (I swear to you she says it just like that)
  • I got a few comments and an email or two about the dress I was wearing in our family photos. I got it here. If you haven't been ordering clothes from ModCloth, what is wrong with you? My addiction to ModCloth is only second to my addiction to West Wing. Their stuff is so fun and unique and it's really, really reasonably priced. Get. On. It.
  • Bea and Casey spent nearly 30 minutes last night building pyramids out of rolls of toilet paper. Toilet Paper. She prefers that, you see, to the 4,000 toys and dolls she received over Christmas. Santa could have saved a few bucks had he known this information beforehand. 
  • And I think I'll leave you today with two of the funniest (to me, at least) and sweetest videos of Bea we have to date. To go along with yesterday's post and her Princess Preferences right now, she's really into doing "Princess Dancing", which is otherwise known around here as "Dancing Ballet". Next week, she'll start back in her Developmental Movement class (again, what she calls Ballet Class, even though there is absolutely no ballet taught or practiced during it) and I can honestly say that even if the class was $1,000, we'd find a way to pay for it. Bea's gross motor skills have grown so much since she started taking it last fall. Just look at this kid's balance. She's on track to be a Prima ballerina someday (or at least a Prima Diva, with that bossy attitude):

*Just please ignore the fact that no, we still have not fully put away our Christmas crap and yes, our house is tiny and usually untidy. I just accept it and you probably should too.


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