Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mid-Week Randoms ...

  • In an effort to make my life a little easier in the mornings, but still feed Beatrice Kate wholesome foods, I spent a good chunk of time today making whole grain pancakes and two breakfast casseroles, which I baked and cut, and then froze it all in individual portions. 
  • The pancakes turned out to be the fluffiest, most delicious pancakes I've ever had. And what's better is that they were 100% whole grain, made with coconut oil and were only sweetened with a tablespoon of honey in the entire batch of batter! This picture really doesn't do them justice, I swear, they were amazing:

  • I went to meet a new client last night a local coffee shop in Chapel Hill. The last time I was there, they had individual French presses, so I'm not sure why it was so funny to me that they also served tea in individual tea pots, and of course, tiny timers. I swear, sometimes this area is more like Portland than Portland:
  • The weather here in North Carolina has been Terrible (with a capital T). This weekend, it was in the mid-upper 70s and yesterday, it was 45 and rainy. NC has a lot of amazing qualities, but our winter weather is some of the strangest I've ever known. It's also causing my dogs to track in so much grit and grime, I'm having to sweep and/or mop almost daily. I'm going to start attaching little Swiffer pads to their feet if this keeps up.
  • I'm telling myself that this weather is the reason Beatrice Kate started in with a cough yesterday. After the Hell that was our Christmas Colds, I'm doing everything I know how to do to keep her healthy and to fight this off ASAP. I've been digging deep into my Natural Healing arsenal. Poor thing was choking down Apple Cider Vinegar-spiked juice and being Elderberry Syrup all day. By the time she was in bed, she was running a low-grade fever but not coughing or sneezing anymore. So, I'm hoping this cold is on an expedited course.
  • I'm really, really hoping Bea will kick this cold overnight, especially since she's scheduled to restart her most favorite activity to date- Dance Class at the American Dance Festival. Every night since we re-registered her two weeks ago she's been asking "can we go to Dance Class, tomorrow?". It's adorable. And I'm really hoping she's going to get to go. 
  • This weekend, I'm heading to Pittsboro for a training on the Art of the Rebozo with doula and Birth Guru, Gina Kirby. I hope I have lots of pictures to share and I'm really looking forward to going. Doulas are a weird group of people, we get excited about things like comfort measures and making mamas happy. Of course, we also get excited about mucus and cervical change, too; so I'm not sure what that says about us...


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