Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Let's agree to disagree. And then, let's disagree some more ...

Two-almost-three is pretty freaking sassy. Beatrice Kate has entered into the "No, I know everything about everything" phase and it's intellectually exhausting. Yep, I just admitted to a group of strangers that my two-almost-three year old is sometimes smarter than me.

Mostly though, I just admit defeat during arguments with her because it's easier to surrender than to keep arguing.  I'm convinced that she often times picks fights just to see smoke come out of Mommy's ears. Casey is usually the one reminding me that she's not personally attacking me. At least, I hope not.

Me: Bea, are you ready to go to Simon's today?
Bea: No. I don't want to go to Simon's.
Me: Ok, we'll stay home.
Bea: No, I want to go to Simon's!

Me: What kind of cereal bar do you want? Red Maybe?
Bea: No, I don't want red.
Me: Ok, what color do you want?
Bea: Red. I love Red. It's my favorite.

Sometimes, she makes outrageous diva-like demands of Casey and I: "Don't sit there, Daddy. Sit in this seat.", "Mommy will drive the car and Daddy will not.", "Use the blue cup, Mommy" or my personal favorite, "Don't wear that, please. Wear leggings not jeans".

For the most part, we just sort of grin and bare the sassy-pants attitude that she radiates these days. It's just a phase, and arguing things like what clothes we all wear, or where we sit only causes more drama than it's worth. So, if she wants to wear pajama bottoms under a princess dress with a rain coat and a tiny straw hat on top, then we're okay with that.

It's all about picking our battles, folks. At least, that's what I'm telling myself.


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