Friday, January 4, 2013

Family Photos ...

I realized last night that I never posted the photos from our much-talked-about family photoshoot we had back in November. Which, really, is a shame because they are ah-mazing.

This year, we worked with a new photographer who was just a little less expensive than the usual brilliant photographer we've worked with in the past. We were on a pretty tight budget this year and Katie came highly, highly recommended and fit the bill (literally!). Plus she is (was) an adorable pregnant lady and come on... I'm like an addict with baby bellies!

We were aiming for something a little "cooler" than our family portraits past. Something that said, "Hey, Durham is cool you guys" but also wouldn't freak out the old people on our Christmas card mailing list. So, we met up in Durham Central Park on a wickedly cold afternoon before Thanksgiving and this is the result...and if you ask me, I think we nailed it:

(Side Note: I've posted copies of the photos below with Katie's watermark on them, because I don't really want our family photos being used in some Middle-European internet scam in a year or two...Also, here's fair warning that this is an incredible display of photo overload. Deal with it)


My newest all-time favorite photo of my sweet girl!
That face. It slays me.

THIS. This is Beatrice Kate in a single photo. Twirling in a world all her own.
Grandmaaaa was there too!
She was telling us to "Stay right there Mommy. Stay right there Daddy"



  1. Great pictures! I love the colors you chose for you outfits!

  2. Love them! I think that is one of the first orange dresses I've ever seen in family pictures... brilliant! :)

  3. Turned out so great! And glad to see you busted out "the boots".