Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Busy Weekend and Lost Photos ...

There is only one photo of my own from this crazy busy weekend. That's because I didn't take a lot AND I've resigned myself to accept that my iPhone photos from the past couple of weeks are lost. You see, I'm a technological idiot sometimes and when I went to upload photos from our weekend, I accidentally restored my phone settings to previous (before this phone) settings, losing our photos in the process.

So, instead, I'll just tell you about our weekend. With words. How the pioneers used to do it, right? Okay, so pioneer didn't have blogs or camera phones or electricity for that matter, but whatever.

Friday, we had a "snow" day. And Jessi, don't judge. We don't get feet of snow you guys get in Montana. Instead, we got a light dusting, less than 2 inches, and schools in this part of the state were called off for the day; including Bea's school. So we spent the day at the museum, splashing in puddles and stomping patches of ice. The rest of the week had been TERRIBLY sad, ice and rain and just general blah. So, on the first sunny day in 5 days, regardless of the temperatures out, we braved it.

Saturday, Casey and Bea hung out together while I attended a workshop on ways to use a rebozo. What's a rebozo? It's a large, woven piece of fabric used in Mexico by women for a variety of things, but in childbirth it's a handy tool for relaxation, strength and comfort during labor and delivery. It's like the Swiss-Army Knife of the doula world:
That's me with my fellow Bull City Doula, Betsy, helping her "relax" and relieve any neck tension with the rebozo.

On Sunday, I had yet another doula event and so Casey and Bea spent the afternoon outside having a picnic and puttering around. They're good at puttering. I think it's genetic.

And yesterday, Casey surprised me with the news that he had the day off, which he, himself, didn't know until Friday afternoon. So I spent the day making a series of meals for our freezer (remember my goal of preparing the family for easier times when I'm out working?). I think in the span of 3 hours, I made/prepped 5 different meals. Of course, Casey ate most of what I made on it's way out to the freezer, but it's done now. And I feel a little less guilty about leaving for long periods of time to be with clients.

Casey and Bea spent the day riding their bikes. Bea's gotten so good at her "new" balance bike that she was able to ride it down to our nearest park (there are three within walking distance of our house). She was a little tired on the ride back though, so Casey "engineered" Bea's bike to his with an elaborate system of bungee cords and balance. He's crafty like that.

Anyway, I hope later this week I'll figure out how to get back at least some of my photos. If not, I think I'll cry some more about it it is what it is.

How was your long/regular weekend?


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