Monday, October 29, 2012

Spreading the Holiday Card Cheer (Giveaway Winner)

So, the tackiest holiday decoration we have? Believe it or not, we actually own an exact replica (life-sized, no less, delivered in a wooden "Fragile" crate) of the infamous Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story.

Somehow, we don't actually have a picture of it at our home readily available. Though, I know for a fact photos of it, on display have been taken. This year... we'll give a prominent spot for display. And give it the photographic respect it deserves.

Until then, I'll have to plan on how to arrange my living room around it ...

Moving on. The real reason I bring this up is because it's time to announce the Giveaway Winner! Drum roll please, because the winner is...

Lucky Number 5 happens to be Kate! And Kate keeps it classy at her house around the Holidays because she says, "We don't really have anything that's too terribly tacky, thankfully! :)".

Kate, I'll be sending your email on to Tiny Prints, who will send you a discount code for $50 off your next order! I'm expecting to be on the top of your Christmas Card list this year in return :) Just kidding. Sort of.

For everyone else, please don't despair! You can check out Tiny Prints Special Offers Page to find a deal of your very own!  


Sassy Pants

**First, TODAY is the last day to enter for $50 to Tiny Prints! Don't forget and you could have free(ish) Holiday Cards this year! **

You guys, two and a half is kicking my butt. Not only can Bea talk and tell us what she wants rightthisverysecond. She can also tell us what she doesn't want. But it's not just limited to her needs. She also frequently tells us what she doesn't want you to have or not have. And what she never, ever, ever will ever want thankyouverymuch, so stop asking. K?

It's exhausting. Seriously. I spend the better part of my days now, saying "no",  putting her in timeout or threatening to put her in timeout. And it's not like timeouts actually do anything. She's figured out now that to end her time in Purgatory, she only has to stand up. And walk away. And go back to whatever it was that landed her a visit with the Time Out Turtle.

We're not really a spanking kind of family, so that's not really an option for us. So aside from Failed Time Outs... what the heck can I do?!?

Casey gets quite upset with me because eventually, I just give in to her; for the simple reason that I am tired of saying no. ALL. DAY. LONG. Eventually I just start picking my battles.

And public outings? Have become a full family process now. It takes both of us to reign her in because if she's not darting out into traffic (yep, that's happening), then she's shouting an ear-piercing wail of "I WANT THAT. NOW!". She's turning into a real-life Veruca Salt!

When did she even learn that phrase? I certainly don't say it and she doesn't watch TV aside from a few Super Why!s and a Dora here and there... and I'm reasonably sure that the words "Mine!" and "Now!" don't come up that often.

Oh and the "Mine"s? I feel a little like stabbing my eyeballs out every time I hear it. It's like she operates under the mantra, "What's yours is mine and what's mine is mine"... I'm getting worried for her future life partner.

All of this mis-behavior is ffectively making us look like contenders for the "Worst Parents of the Year" title. Can someone please provide a little guidance for how to reign in this Toddler 'Tude, please? Or at least tell me that this is just a phase, a "Season of Life" and I'm not raising the most self-centered mini-human around?!? Please?


Friday, October 26, 2012

Million Dollar Smile ...

Bea had her first dentist appointment Thursday. I'll be honest... I was sweating it. Big time. We're in the stage where I never quite know which Bea will show up. The one who is super sweet, and smiley and loves to show off her good behavior. Or the Bea that looks like a contestant on Toddlers and Tiaras, jacked up on "Go Go Juice" and Pixie Sticks (which btw, she's never, ever had)...

So, we did extensive prepping for this visit. We talked nightly about the dentist and how fun it was going to be. How she would get a new toothbrush and how she would get to pick out a prize if she behaved. We even read a book about going to the dentist... and well?

It paid off. From the first few minutes, I knew we were in like flynn. Of course, it didn't hurt that the waiting room was a kid's paradise with video games, books, puzzles:
Captain Puzzle is at it again...

And a huge fish tank:

Which Bea spent approximately 45 minutes staring into:

She even tried communicating with the fish:
What's the story here fellas?

Eventually we were called back and it was showtime. You'll have to excuse the Flasher-eque qualities of this picture. Bea had a potty accident while we were waiting and this kind mother in the lobby offered us a (brand new) pair of undies to wear because Bea's mommy is incredibly unprepared:

She was a little nervous (understandably) at first and watched with rapt attention while the hygienist prepared things behind her:
Uh, what's going on back there guys...

But after securing a Dora toothbrush, she knew this place was where miracle happen:
Oh Dora. you make my heart smile ...

Or at least, Dora calmed her fears:
Then she was given some Mega-Diva-Deluxe Sun Shades and she was ready for the nitty gritty:

This place was clearly set up for curious toddlers, and the hygienist (who couldn't have been more amazing) showed Bea the mirror on top of the light, so she could check out things as they were happening:

She liked what she saw:
Lookin' Good ...
First the Hygienist just looked in Bea's mouth. I was in the corner holding my breath because I've heard about the dreaded "preemie teeth" and wasn't sure what she would find. Plus, Bea is 50% genetically my responsibility and that means she has a half chance at getting my terribly soft, and terrible teeth:
Then she counted all of Bea's teeth and I was pleasantly surprised to hear that we're all done with teething (for now) and that she has all her baby teeth in:

Bea was so cooperative and when asked to open a little wider, she complied:
Then the Hygienist used a special dye to show Bea where she was missing during brushing:
Bea thought it was hilarious:
When it was time to use the electric toothbrush and polisher, I was a little nervous because I wasn't sure how Bea would react to the noise. Of course, I should have known better, because she thought it was tickly and the Hygienist was so amazing at allowing Bea to investigate everything with her own hands before she used it in her mouth:

Then it was flossing time:
And while we waited on the dentist, Bea got to choose a surprise from the Treasure Chest:
And when she was told to "choose one", Bea heard "Go ahead, open and play with as many as your little heart desires":
She even had time to play with Smiley the Dog and tried his "puppet back" out before Dr. Keels came in:
But eventually, the dentist came in to finish up and was so happy to finally have a cavity-free, happy child that day:
And of course because no good behavior goes unrecognized in this house, I took Bea out to the Dollar Tree to get a few rewards. She chose a new pair of butterfly wings. Which she hasn't taken off since:
All-in-All, Beatrice Kate was freaking amazing at the appointment. And it looks like so far, Bea has inherited Casey's genetically perfect teeth. Which is good news for her, because if she had gotten mine... she may just very well be the first three year old with a full set of dentures!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday Thoughts ...

  • Don't forget that you still have a few days to enter the giveaway for $50 to Tiny Prints. I don't mean to sound like a broken record, but for realz. $50 to Tiny Prints is like gold. So get on it. Like today.
  • Sorry I've been MIA for the past few days. I actually had three (3!) babies come this week (one ahead of schedule and two were approaching two weeks late). Needless to say, I've been a little tired. And busy. But mostly, really tired. 
  • Because I've been so tired, I actually locked my keys in the car last night when we got to Bea's dance class. In the ignition. How's that for genius. My husband was so sweet about it, but I saw him snickering to the Locksmith...
  • Bea is visiting the dentist for the first time today!!! I plan to take as many pictures as she'll allow- but also expect this to be a colossal disaster.
  • I just discovered that the time changes next week. Blech. That means that instead of Bea greeting us each morning at 7, she'll now come out of her room at 6. 
  • Yea, so that's still going on. What happened to our late-sleeper? She used to go until 10 some days! Now, we're lucky if she stays put until 7:15. It wouldn't be so bad if she couldn't pick her way out of every locked door. It may be time to deploy extreme measures.
  • On Sunday, we have our second Meet the Doula event for my doula collective here in town. One of my favorite midwives in the area is coming to speak to the group (well, maybe only one couple and not so much a group) about the differences between midwifery care and OB care. Cause ya'll? There's such a difference.
  • I'm secretly kind of glad that one of my November babies came a little ahead of schedule, because now it means I have about 5 weeks until the next one is due. I may get to go home to visit Mandrake and Mimi!!


Monday, October 22, 2012

A Bumper Crop of Fun

**First, don't forget to enter my giveaway for $50 to Tiny Prints. You can enter until Oct. 29**

Blogger is doing all kinds of crazy things with the formatting on this post and I have no idea why... so just bear with me and read on through like nothing is out of the ordinary, please?

On Friday afternoon, Casey surprised us with the news that he had taken the afternoon off and we were heading to the NC State Fair. It was such a fun idea and a great way to get in our family time, since I knew I would be spending most of the weekend away attending births. I'm so thankful for a husband who works so hard for our family, but also puts such a value on our time together.

Anyway, you didn't come here to hear me pine for my amazing partner. You came for the photos of Busy Bea and the Carnies. I mean, Busy Bea and the Fair ...
And no, your eyes are not deceiving you. After reading this article about how Moms need to get over themselves and get in some pictures... I braved the camera and took some shots of me and my girl...

 Seriously, I love this kid ...

Though, I'm pretty sure she was more looking forward to you all seeing her new tattoo:

This is the first year we've braved the crowds and taken Bea to the fair. The  The entry fee could have been $100 and it would have been worth every single penny to see her amazement and awe at all things North Carolina.
And of course, she enjoyed the free hushpuppies at the Old Mill:

After the obligatory tours through the Village of Yesteryear and the Blacksmith Shop and the Tobacco Touch Tour (really, really healthy for kids, right?):

We got down to business and found some animals. Bea was pleased:

She was so excited to see the different farm animals and would "talk" to them in their languages (Cows got a "Moooo Moo Moo" and Pigs got the ol' "Oinky Oink Oink"). It was adorable:

And you can tell my child is the daughter of a birth professional because when we saw the pigs, she screamed out, "Mama! Those piggies are NURSING!!":

It made my heart smile. And then we moved on to the single cutest thing I've ever seen in my life. The baby donkey:

Seriously, can I get an "Awwww" for how adorable this thing is? Bea wanted everyone to know that he was "Takin' a Nap"...

After a thorough hand scrubbing and antibacterial bath, we located our Number 2 item on the Fair To-Do list... Food:

Which Bea enjoyed a lot of:

And to help burn off the energy, we took a walk over to the PBS tent so Bea could see some of her heroes, The Super Why! Gang. She was totally star struck when she saw these cutouts and would run up to all the characters and ask me to take her photo:

Eventually, we gave into her 4,000 requests to ride on the Carnie Rides and we picked the safest-seeming option, the carousel:

Contrary to these pictures, Casey was not the only one who enjoyed it:

Bea really does love to ride a carousel, she just gets so overwhelmed with the sights and lights and weirdos around her that she can only concentrate on so much:

Needless to say, after getting home well after 9:30, Bea took a quick bird bath (to get off the general public germs) and went straight to bed. We were hoping we might get a late sleep-in the next day. Lucky for us, she's been waking up at 7 a.m. these days ...