Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Bed Ninja ...

Ya'll Bea's sleeping habits are Out. Of. Control. It doesn't matter what time we put her to bed now, she's up (for good) by 6:30 these days. But that doesn't mean we don't see her in between the hours of 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. Oh no... practically every night during the last week, Casey or I have rolled over in bed and see this:
Dramatic Re-enactment ...
Bea has gotten so sneakily good at tip-toeing into our room during the wee hours of the night that we don't notice her IN BETWEEN US until well after she's fallen asleep and/or made herself quite comfortable. You know, in the sheets with her head on our pillows! We're hard sleepers, but she's also so stealthy she could put a Navy SEAL to shame.

Yes, I'm an advocate for co-sleeping and all that jazz. As a doula, I try to teach the benefits of it to my new breastfeeding mamas. Heck, we co-slept with Bea until she was nearly a year old but there was a reason we stopped... None of us got any sleep. That's because Bea has a serious case of what we call "Jimmy Leg". Meaning, her little feet can't stop moving and shifting; seeking out our bodies and toeing the crap out of our legs/hips/thighs/etc. So in the best interest of the family, upon discovery, Casey or I will usually carry her back to her room and put her back to bed. In her own space.

However, no more than two to three hours later, when Casey gets up to get ready for work each morning, I'll roll over to claim the extra room in the bed and hit a wall. Namely, a small, lavender smelling wall who giggles when I roll on her:
Gotcha again. Suckas.
She is the master of this game and waits until the second Casey closes the shower door until she creeps into our room again and makes herself at home.

It's so hard not to allow or encourage this behavior, even in our sleep deprived fog. That's because it really is so sweet. And Casey and I both miss the days that we could snuggle in bed as family. Of course, now, instead of nursing to sleep or cuddling in our arms... she likes to cap off her Bed Ninja performance by jumping up each morning with a: Ahh! It's time to wake-up guys! I'm ready for LUNCH!:
Because on top of teaching her to tell time, we also now have to teach her the names of the three meals we eat each day ...



  1. Jessica wakes me up with a rousing chorus of "I hungry!! I need DINNER!"

  2. oh my goodness. so dang cute.