Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rapunzel has competition ...

As I was preparing a post about how much Beatrice Kate has physically changed in the last year, I just couldn't believe the amount her hair has grown in 12 short months. Her is she is last December:

And then, here's this year's shot:
Seriously, it has to be like 8 inches of hair! At this rate, she'll be carrying it around in a pocket book when she's a teenager. Sure her face is different and she's got to be around 6 inches taller or more, but that hair...
And before you even ask... no, we haven't cut it yet. Ever. And I don't know of any plans to do so in the future. And, if her Daddy has any say in it- she may never be allowed a haircut!


1 comment:

  1. I looove her hair!! I wish my boys' hair had some wave or whimsy to it, but it doesn't. its probably a good thing they aren't girls, I doubt Elliot's would even be to his shoulders yet, and he's only had one haircut his whole life!