Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Little Doctor Dolittle ...

While Casey played Santa's Elf this weekend and worked on Beatrice Kate's Christmas gift, I took Bea to visit a local family farm/petting zoo.
I honestly wasn't sure how it would go, because Bea is either really, really excited about animals or she climbs up my body like a tree trunk to get away from them. Luckily, it was pretty evident from the start that she was happy to be there:

The deer must have picked up on Bea's gentle nature and spent most of our visit trotting around with Bea, literally eating out of her hand. Bea loved it:

The deer? She loved the camera almost as much as she loved Bea:
In addition to the baby deer, Bea also met a few geese; who immediately tried to eat her shoes and were subsequently put in "time out":
Chester and Doris needed some time to calm down.
She attempted to feed one of the farm's peacocks, Justin Beiber (I'm not even making that up, I swear), but Beiber didn't want any part of a toddler-assisted snack:
He was too busy attempting to give the female peacocks Beiber Fever:
Hey, lay-days... check out these feathers.

So Bea moved on to the rabbits, who weren't interested either:

But, someone else was for sure:

I thought for a while we might be coming home with a pet deer because Beatrice Kate and "Baby" became fast friends:

How often can you say you've pet a deer?!?:

Then we moved on to another rabbit enclosure and Bea made a second attempt at meal time. Unfortunately, Baby had other plans:

So instead, the farmer (Farmer Mary) asked if Beatrice Kate wanted to hold the newborn bunnies. I think at first, she was all, "Um, really? Me? You guys know I'm two right?":

But eventually she warmed up to it and her sweet, calm disposition turned out to be the perfect environment to rest a few bunnies:

And when we got home, she kept telling Casey that the "baby bunnies were so tiny, tiny, Daddy and they were snuggling on me!":

Of course, the Mama bunny had to have a pet too:

Then it was time to feed the goats:
This goat eats crackers just like Casey!

Oh, look who it is:

It wasn't just Baby the deer who was smitten with Beatrice Kate. At one point, it looked like she was holding a meeting with the animals, and she was their leader:

The miniature donkey was just the right size for a face-to-face chat:

She led them all over the farm, even over to see the Emu eggs:
It was hilarious to see this tiny, toddling little prissy thing leading a line of animals around, rounded out with a llama caboose!
It was such a fun way to spend a morning. And at only $5, it was one of our better uses of money for quality time together. And who knows... maybe we're raising a future veterinarian. Our own little Dr. Dolittle:



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