Monday, December 10, 2012

"Gingerbread House" is a synonym for "torture" to a toddler ...

We made a gingerbread house Sunday night, for the first time ever as a family:

And at first, Bea was totally cool with the idea of creating a house made from candy:
It's going to be AwWwWwWwWsome you guys.

Until she realized that we weren't going to be eating it at the end:
So, when do I get to help...
So, she did what any scheming smart toddler would do... She ate it while under construction:
Screw it. I'm eating this before it's taken away.

I wasn't fast enough to figure out her game:
Sneaky Candy Consumption is her specialty.
 Basically, the entire house was built under the policy of "One for you":

"One for me":

And another one for me:

And okay, a little to the house too:

Naturally, she was all about the sprinkles:

Deciding to add in a "leaf pile" to the house's front yard:
She didn't let any moment pass, without sampling every. single. freaking. part. of the house:
And at the end, Casey thought it would be cute to add in a monogram "C" to the house in icing. Bea thought it was great too:
Oh look. A letter. I love letters. TO EAT.

So great she decided to sample that as well:
She wasn't even sorry for her actions:
When all was said and done, the end result (even with the um, modifications) was adorable:

I'm giving it three days before the Carpenter Ants find and destroy this Christmas Memory...


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  1. We're making ours this week, and I am SOOO excited! I plan to have a lot of extra candy on hand for Elliot to munch on :)