Thursday, December 6, 2012

Advent: Days 3,4,5

Whew. Who knew planning and executing daily activities for Advent would be so intensive. I guess having an unpredictable, and often time irrational toddler doesn't help things either does it?

Anyway, we've been continuing with our Advent activities each day. After making our wreath on Sunday, Monday we woke up ready to tackle the day's assigned activity.

Monday, we hung our Banjo Ornament:

Well, by "we" I mean, Bea hung it and we later repositioned it:

And then we sang Christmas carols while Casey played banjo:

Well, Casey and I sang. Bea was really more interested in the pumpkin pie:

After that was all eaten, she was more interested in the music playing:
And even (begrudgingly) picked up  a set of bells to accompany Daddy on a chorus of Jingle Bells:

She even danced (a little):
Then of course, she lost interest after we wrapped up the song she knew, so she went off into her own world:
Tuesday, we hung the Cross ornament and talked about how Jesus gave his life for us:
For the activity, we donated toys to a toy drive hosted by my high school, NCSSM. We actually didn't end up donating the toys until Wednesday morning because of an intense melt-down and tantrum that caused an abrupt end to our Tuesday Advent talk, but they were donated regardless:
I was a little worried about how Beatrice Kate would react to giving away toys that she herself might want to play with. But surprisingly, she actually was excited to do it. She kept saying that she was "donating toys because I don't need them anymore" and "I have more toys at home, Mama, so I don't need these". I was shocked at how much she got it.

Wednesday, our ornament was a cookie (sort of? Maybe it's a lolly pop, but we're calling it a cookie. Just go with it 'kay?):
And while we had planned to bake Christmas cookies at home last night, we went to our church instead for a pot luck soup dinner and a lesson how to make Moravian cookies from one of our resident experts:

Much like baking Moravian sugar cake, there are just some things you can't find out about the process until you see it in action from a more seasoned baker. Finally, I got the inside track on how to get the cookies 1/8 to 1/16 inch thin (hint: it takes a lot of flour, and a whole lot of patience) Bea and Casey showed up in the kitchen in time to taste the results:
Bea actually ate most of Casey's cookie and told him, "I just tried it for you"...
The best part? Of course, besides the fellowship time with our church family, was that I (me!) I won the dough we made. Even though it's only about 3 cups of raw dough... anyone who knows how thin Moravian cookies are knows that it will make a TON of actual cookies.

Anyway, it's certainly starting to look like Christmas around here. Between wrapping gifts:
And address Christmas cards:
We're all getting into the spirit! Bring on the cookies!


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