Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Review: Weather, Working and What in the World?

After the week of tantrums and meltdowns we all had this week, I was frankly ready for some daytime spousal support and a Mama Break. Ya'll this age is so. freaking. hard. Especially because Beatrice Kate is so freaking smart. She can deduce and figure her way out of arguments and punishments more than I've ever seen in a kiddo. At least I can still have final say in what she wears. For now:
I can't put my arms down!

Anyway, like I was saying, as soon as Casey's two feet (and two wheels) reached the front porch on Friday afternoon, I was out the door for some needed-for-my-sanity Mama Time. I used my new Groupon purchase from local salon, Beauty and the Bull for a facial and some relaxation. Then on Saturday, I went back for a mani-pedi:
Purple for Preemie Power, ya'll!

I have to be honest, it wasn't the best facial and mani/pedi I've ever gotten and I was SO sad, because I really love to support new, local businesses. Plus, the salon itself is just so neat and so, luxurious. When I got home, I noticed my nails didn't come close to surviving the trip back and the facial felt shortened and rushed. But, I gave it a fair chance I feel like and it was ... weird? I don't know.

While I was at the salon, Bea and Casey biked over to the Farmer's Market for some weekly produce. Apparently, it exhausted Bea because this was the photo I received of when they got home:
Sleeping Leafy Beauty
Later that afternoon, we headed back over Central Park (where the FM is located) and took some family photos with a new photographer. Katie is literally a new photographer (she's also 32 weeks pregnant), and we had a lot of fun with her. I spent way too much time finding us "coordinating but not matching" outfits:
Which one says, "Hipster-ly Cool" but also "I like to take a shower and I don't live with my mom in her basement"?
My blog friend Jessi recently inspired my current obsession with plaid. We didn't end up using it in the photos, but Casey did wind up with a new shirt out of the deal (the one on the far left).

Saturday night, I got the call from DONA International that I am now an officially certified birth doula!! I know this doesn't mean a lot to most of you, but to me, it's a huge, huge deal. It's the pinnacle of what I've been working so hard on this last year and of course, it was one of the items on my 30x30 list, right? I went out with some of my Durham Mom friends for a celebratory glass of wine later.

Oh, and I'm glad I kept it to one glass of wine, because later that night I was called into a surprise birth for one of my mentor's clients. She (my mentor) had to go out of town to visit her mother, who is receiving a knee-replacement, and I covered her birth clients for her while she is away. This is what was happening at my house while I was away...

Seriously, for all the sourness some days bring... this kid can turn on the sweet and really butter us up, huh?


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