Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trickin' Treats ...

Like last year, we once again took Beatrice Kate out trick-or-treating during our next-neighborhood-over's Toddler-Ween. For those not familiar with the tradition, it's a designated time where neighbors hand out toddler-appropriate treats like stickers and bubbles and pretzels and the costumes are more adorable than the teenage versions. And like last year, the cuteness was simply face-melting:

Bea and I spent a lot of time talking about what her costume would be this year. Because of her tendencies to get dramatic over nothing I wanted to make sure it was EXACTLY as she dictated. So, for weeks I would ask her what she wanted to be and every.time. she said "Angelina Ballerina". I even tried phrasing it different ways, like "Do you want to be a dinosaur, or a princess, or a ballerina" or "How about a giraffe, a ballerina, or a cupcake?" and every time she chose Ballerina. So, ballerina it was:

Holy smokes, was she a ballerina. She was a vision in pink:
And she was SO. EXCITED. to get out there and get some candy go trick-or-treating that she practically skipped from house to house:

At first, she was very, very shy (of course) but quickly wised up to the system and it was Game. On:

One of the best parts of living in this neighborhood is that we see our neighbors regularly, and for Bea, that means seeing some of her closest friends at events like this:
So, we hung out with them for a bit and it was again, face-melting cute to watch them tag-team the houses together:
But eventually, Bea was dragging behind so much that we had to part ways. Because, instead of just collecting candy and bracelets and other trinkets, my child was also collecting hickory nuts and interesting rocks along the way:
I guess the definition of "treat" is all relative ...

And she would stop along the way to talk to the other local wildlife:
Wow, that's a really great costume. Did your mommy make yours too?
But eventually, she always came back around to collect more "Trick and Treats". And occasionally, she would stop and look in her pail and comment that "Mama, I got a whole thing of trickin' treats". Yes, pumpkin, yes you do:
Unfortunately, our kiddo has an elephant's memory and will not only remember exactly how many pieces of candy she had in that pail... she'll knows which kids Mama and Daddy sneak out of it. Freakin' Smart Kids ...

As the night wore on, she wisely decided to take advantage of the stroller option, and covered her in blankets in between houses:
But as soon as we would get close to an interesting house with fun decorations, she would demand to be lifted out so she could march on:
And go collect some "treats to eat" in her pail. I think this face is the reason that sometimes she got an extra treat here and there:

All-in-all, it was a fun, fun night. Despite the fact that even after walking 2+ miles, Bea was up and ready go this morning at 6 a.m...

And I have to tell you, no matter where she goes in life, or what she does, or how old she ever is... this image from last night is the one that will stay with me forever. It's my new favorite:



  1. What a great night. I love the pictures. Did you make the tutu?

  2. I want to go to toddler ween! wish we had enough kiddos around here to warrent one!