Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday Thoughts ...

  • Bea's sleeping patterns are becoming more and more erratic by the day. Last night, we put her to bed no less than 10 times. One of those times she had turned on all her lamps (that's her fun new trick this week), stripped herself of her diaper, lost her pajama bottoms and was heading over to play the keyboard. Seriously.
  • Aside from latching the outside of her door, I'm running out of options for keeping the kid in her room these days. Most naps, she spends no less than an hour knocking on her door from inside her room saying over and over, "Mommy. Mooooommmmmyyyy. Mommy, are you ready for me, Mommy? I think you're ready for me." No, no I am not ready.
  • There's a really amazing bakery downstairs from Bea's dance class. What started off as an innocent bribe to get Bea to stay in the class without Mama, has since turned into a cupcake addiction. So last night, we teamed up with our friends Laura (Dr. Laura to Bea) and Madeline and attempted to break the after-class-cupcake cycle by visiting the local mall's indoor carousel. We now have a new addiction.
  • I bike commuted Bea and I to Whole Foods yesterday to meet Casey for lunch. I then bike commuted myself, Bea and my large coffee back home. It was an all around win.
  • We are having family photos taken this weekend for our Christmas cards. Putting together "coordinating but not matching" outfits has stressed me out. We're going for the "casual but not sloppy and hopefully a little cool" look. I'm sure we'll just look like tourists instead.
  • So to relax, I'm getting my hair cut on Friday (possibly a bad idea) and going for a facial and mani/pedi later that afternoon at a new spa in town. What? I had a really good Groupon to use!
  • I was hoping to wear a new coat I ordered recently from Very Jane, but of course, my luck designates that it won't be arriving until after Thanksgiving.
  • I'm so mixed up by Thanksgiving coming a week early this year. I had it in my head that we had a good two weeks until Turkey Day, but no... it's next week. 
  • Because of said holiday, we're hosting our monthly Meet the Doulas event this weekend instead of next. Our guest this month is a local acupuncturist. My family back home makes fun of me for believing in all these natural, "hippy" health treatments, but guys... it works. And there's no medicine involved. So don't knock it until you try it.
  • I'm on the hunt for a new water bottle for Bea to take to school. I'm over the flimsy Nuk BPA-laden plastic crap. I'd like to find her something eco-friendly and really durable because my child is determined to chew the be-jeezus out of everything that belongs to her (and sometimes things that don't belong to her). Suggestions?



  1. I did acupuncture before and during my pregnancy with C & O. It helped with some of my crazy headaches, probably for all the sickness. I loved it!

    We use the Thermos Funtainers (stainless steel) for school lunches. There are the only container I have found that doesn't leak in the lunchbox, no matter how it is put in there. I love them. However, they are heavier than some.

    Good luck with the Christmas card photo shoot. Our card has an individual picture of each because that's what we were able to get.

    And Thanksgiving for us is going to be a bit different. Our house is almost packed up so it's either a restaurant or Whole Foods meal for us. I know you will have something great.

  2. ooh can't wait to see your family pics!!