Friday, November 30, 2012

This is love ...

I'm going way into sappy, lovey-dovey territory today so if it makes you want to barf, get a trash can handy ...

Lately, I've seen so much husband-bashing going on on Facebook, blogs, etc that I think there needs to be a little balance out there, and that I should brag on Casey for a little while. Honestly, also I've just been feeling so incredibly blessed to have Casey as my life partner and my husband.
Most people who know us know that we met freshman year in college at NCSU. But, I think a lot of people don't know that Casey and I? We HATED hated each other for a long, long time. Sure, we dated initially and things were all young love and beer pong:

But that's just it, we were young. Very young. 18 young. And we were still discovering who we were as individuals and we fought and bickered like two old ladies. Oh, and Casey was an arrogant ass and I was a wild-child. So we broke up. And got back together. And broke up. A lot. But we somehow always seemed to migrate back together in between other relationships. Always, always in the back of my mind, I knew- he was the one for me, and that when we were both ready for the intensity that came with "us", we would happen.

I remember telling my mom shortly after meeting Casey that I thought I had found my husband, even if we couldn't get our crap together enough to date exclusively at the time. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that he would be an amazing husband, provider and an incredible father. I think I even told her that I could a future of matching Holiday outfits and plaid (scary how I can see the future sometimes).

And it turns out, I was right. You guys have no idea how amazing my husband is. It's like he was born to be a husband and a father. He has supported me unconditionally in anything I've ever wanted to do. When I wanted to stay home, after Beatrice Kate was born, the first thing he said was, "Okay. We'll find a way". When I wanted to become a doula, he never scoffed at the idea or said it was silly. He's always treated my career with as much respect as he does anyone else's, including his own.
Plus, he's freaking handsome.
He brings flowers home for no reason, cleans the kitchen each night so I "didn't have to", and each morning, when he pours his coffee, he preps my coffee mug with just the right amounts of half and half and sugar, so all I have to do is add coffee. It's incredible how considerate and kind he is.

When Beatrice Kate was born, he was so excited to become a father, despite the chaotic entrance into the Fatherhood Club. He insisted on wearing his best shirt the first time he met Bea in the NICU and afterwards, went out and bought coordinating pocket squares.That excitement hasn't waned in the slightest since her birthday. There's never a day that Casey comes home from work and doesn't immediately go full-force into being a Daddy to Bea. He always makes her (and me!) feel like the center of his world, regardless of what his day was really like.

He plays dollhouse, complete with voices and sound effects:

And musical instruments:
And dress up:

And plays chase:
And is just "present" with her in any moment she could need him:
I hope someday Beatrice Kate remembers how focused Casey is and was on his family, when she's making a decision about her own partner in life:

Anyway, when I see women online publicly bashing their spouses, it doesn't just make me angry. It makes me really sad for them. Because, when a good marriage is good, it's really, really good. Don't be mistaken and assume that I'm saying our marriage is perfect, because it's not. But really, any fights or arguments we have are personality frictions more than anything. I guess, we may have gotten older (and a little chubbier) but we're still those silly 18 year olds deep down inside. Only now, I have the security to know that regardless of what we say in the heat of an argument, Bea and I are pretty lucky girls to have this guy in our lives:


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