Monday, November 12, 2012

The Paci Bear ...

For the most part, Bea was never a "paci" baby, with the exception of nap and bedtimes and the occasional melt-down. I won't lie, there are times, especially at 2 a.m. where that pacifier acts more like a mute button. And Casey and I both were frequent indulgers.

However, after Bea's inaugural trip to the dentist last month, it was recommended that girlfriend lose it and quick. It was starting to affect her bite and we're looking to cut down on dental costs in this family wherever we can. Dr. Keels (her dentist) gave us a list of ways to creatively get rid of Paci, and with a freakin' genius for a kiddo who can problem solve better than a Special Ops Agent, we were open to suggestions. One of those suggestions was to take her paci to Build-A-Bear.

After discussing strategies with Husby, we acted on Operation No Paci this weekend. We spent a lot of time prepping Bea for what we were going to to. We talked and talked all week about how she was a big girl now and how she would get to pick out a special Paci Bear at the Teddy Bear Store, who would hold her pacis for her. She was game. Until we left for the mall...
Hold, up. You guys are taking my pacifiers, and NOT replacing them? This is lame.

And then, her little wheels got turning and she looked for a solution to her no paci problem. Us: "Are you ready to give your pacis to the teddy bears?" Bea: "Yes! And then, we can get new pacis at the store for me!" Us: "Uh, no, remember, no more pacis. You're such a big girl now, that you don't need them anymore." Bea: "But, maybe we can look for one at home when we get back and I can share it with the bear"...

You see, our kid can outsmart us. I wasn't hopeful for a positive outcome. Then something miraculous happened. Build-A-Bear Workshop is apparently, the place that Toddler Dreams are created. Bea skipped into the store and never looked back. She happily put both pacis into her bear:

 She picked out a special heart for it:

And supervised the employee as well, you know, for proper paci placement:
 She was a little freaked out by the "stuffing machine" but I think that was mostly because of the noise:

With the stuffing complete, Bea was free to admire her bear:

And then she needed to "bathe" it in a jet stream of air:
 Which was controlled by the cutest, tiniest peddle on the planet:
And can we take a minute to admire those pants?!? Seriously. Best consignment find this year, easily.
 Then she picked out a special set of Jam Jams (pajamas to those not in our family):
 Which Daddy put on:
This man was born to be the Daddy to a little girl. He has no shame :)
 And we were ready to go:
 Obligatory "Cheese" face shot:
 I will cut the person who taught my child this silly face. It's showing up in all our photos right now.
Bea was so, so proud of the Paci Bear, which she named "Theodora Paci" (I swear, her choice, not ours. The kid is unique, I'm telling you). She insisted on carrying "Theodora's House" throughout the mall:

So, did it work? Yes. I think so. We're only on Night 2 so far but, she only asked for her pacis once, when she was really tired and upset at us Sunday morning. But after remembering that they were "eaten" by Theodora, she calmed down. I think being able to feel the pacis inside of her bear was a good idea for Bea.

She's a really, really logical child and witnessing their removal from her life was important. I think we would have had a million times more issues if they just disappeared one day or were sent off to the "Paci Fairy". She needed a tangible process that she could look back on and think about. And Mama needed a cute experience. We both won, really:



  1. what a brilliant idea! so glad it seems to have worked : )


  2. If we stuffed something important inside a stuffed bear I'd be worried that I wake up to find my toddler performing surgery on it..