Monday, November 26, 2012

Thankful Thanksgiving Traditions Restored ...

For the first time in three years, we returned "home" for Thanksgiving. Because of Bea's prematurity, we had to skip out on the big crowds that our family meals draw for the first few years of her life. But now? Well, she's healthier than I am so we seized the chance to not have to cook our own turkey visit with our families ...

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, we actually headed to Winston-Salem to spend time with Casey's mama. Naturally, I forgot to take any photographic evidence, so you'll have to take my word on it. Casey restarted our Thanksgiving 5k tradition, but neglected to register anyone but himself, so Betsy (Casey's mom) and I and Bea walked our own 5k. Since technically, I still completed something this year, and it wasn't my fault it wasn't a proper 5k event (thanks Casey), I'm ticking this one off the 30x30 list.

We left Winston on Thursday after a delicious french toast brunch to continue the Thanksgiving Eating Marathon with my two sets of families (divorced parents), and I tried for about 20 minutes to get a photo of Bea's super cute outfit. Combining three images is as good as I got from her:
Excuse the fact that her hair looks like an 80's punk rocker. She wasn't in a cooperative mood for hair accessorizing.
I guess she was just so excited to get some turkey that she treated us to a 6 a.m. wake up call. We were NOT thankful for that. Leaving Winston, we headed to the second stop, My Nana's house. Which didn't disappoint:
We really, really like casseroles in the South. In case you didn't know this ...
Bea ate like her life depended on it:
She's showing her Daddy how big her last bite was... We're working on Table Manners you guys.

And even offered to share her food with Daddy. It was practically a reenactment of the first Thanksgiving:
Matching Mouths ...

Until she was given a bowl of Banana Pudding, which she didn't. put. down.:

Oh and if you're wondering which parent I look like, I'll let you decide:

Anyway, it's so weird to be old enough to not eat at the kid's table and sit around telling stories after the meals instead of running around outside or playing with my cousins. But I guess it's a one-in-one-out policy and I produced my replacement, so it was time to go.

Then Bea headed into the living room to play while we adults talked:
Buck up, Carson... You look hot and you know it.
 And Nana, God love her, had one slice too many of her own pecan pie and the sugar rush went straight to her brain:

After Nana's, we went over to McAdenville to visit the Mandrake and Mimi for Dinner #2:

I get a little queasy looking at all the food we ate during a 12 hour stint, but Heavens, it was good:

Bea was super excited to see her cousin Ava:

But was closing in on her awake-ness tolerance and her mood only improved once MiMi produced a light-up Christmas light necklace:
After the chaos of a three-meal-Thanksgiving, Bea was ready to crash for the night. Oh, and by "crash", I mean "sugar crash" and it manifested in the form of a Ballerina-Outfit Tornado:

And the next day? She woke up raring to go:
I have no idea where the monkey came from or why she insisted on wearing it the entire day, but I do know that matching hats dictated a mandatory mother/daughter photo shoot:

While we were busy doing that, Daddy and Casey were busy attempting to break their own necks decorating the outside of Daddy's house. In case you didn't know, McAdenville is known as "Christmastown USA" and fully expects each household's decorations up by Dec. 1 My family complies yearly:
And my father is nothing if not a perfectionist:
 So there was a good bit of time spent making sure "the deer looks like he is drinking water":
Naturally, this required supervision:
A little to the left. No right. Wait. I don't know, but it's wrong. All Wrong!
Oh and did I mention he's a perfectionist? Because it carries over into all things in his life. Remember the Brick Battle of November 2011? Yea, guess who's winning the war...
And while being a perfectionist means a lot of things are done right in the end, they're not always done... safe? in the meantime:
I like to imagine he's saying: "Well, we did this 10 footer just fine, why not try 20 feet next?!"
Oh, and the interior supervisors were on duty as well:

I was busy too. Doing important stuff:
We don't have a lot of photos of us together. It's MEMORIES PEOPLE!
And Bea? Well, she was um... helping? Yea, that's it:
Wait, this should go about 4 inches... oopsies. I pulled it out of the ground...
MiMi helps redirect Bea's "creative" talents
After the front was decked, it was time to start on stringing the lights around the pool fence:

And by the way, this is what was referred to as, "Tactical Equipment" whatever that is:
Looks like a couple of bread/twisty ties to me... but I'm no expert.
This project required the consumption of "Lighting Lubrication" too:
Which made this really, really safe. Not:
That's like a 7+ foot drop behind him by the way...
And even I was pulled into the effort:
You can be sure there were a few four letter words being muttered under my breath at that moment ...
In the end, it was really beautiful. And my Dad can give Clark Griswold a run for his money any day. Even if it looks like his house is on fire...

Tomorrow, I'll tell you about the rest of our weekend... in which we picked out and cut down our own Christmas tree. 'Cause we're all about building traditions folks.


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