Thursday, November 29, 2012

O Tannenbaum ...

So, after the excursion last week to retrieve our tree, we finished decorating the trees last night and the results? Pretty beautiful, if I do say so myself:

I love having our Christmas tree up. Sure, it crowds our living room and makes it feel like a bachelor pad because of the resulting weird furniture arrangement. But reading or talking to Casey each night with just the tree lights on is so... soul-filling:

Because we're saving our most special ornaments for this year's Advent Calendar, the tree is looking a little sparse. But that doesn't mean it's empty- we still had quite a few favorites to display that didn't make the Advent cut. For example, we have accumulated a nice cache of Morvian Beeswax candles in our years together:

And of course, our strange collection of Tiny Santas:

They were given to us as a wedding gift (seriously) and have since become a funny addition to our tree because they're so, so tacky but now, they've engrained themselves in our family's heart.

Moving on. Bea somehow was given 4 (Four!) Baby's first Christmas ornaments, and we're only using 3/4 of them for the Advent Calendar, so that left this guy to go up:

You guys know how I love to display last year's Christmas cards in my tree. I'm weird like that:

There are others, but these are the highlights. The creme de la creme are in here:

Where they'll stay until Dec. 1, when we'll start with our one ornament/one story/one activitiy a day regimen. I also managed to get up a few inside decorations, not many, but a few. Like our one of our Nativity Scenes:

And our indoors Moravian star (What, we're serious about Advent in the Moravian Church you guys) and Casey's Santa collection that his mom started for him when he was a tot:

And a collection of Christmas books I've been secretly storing for the past few months:

The big tree wasn't our only tree purchase last week. Busy Bea got her very own Christmas tree this year. Of course, finding a stand to fit a tree that small took some negotiating with a Tree Lot Attendant and a little of this:

But in the end, Bea was so excited and even more proud to decorate her very own tree:

Which she did mostly on her own (aside from the lights and tinsel):

Some of the decorations were um, a little crowded. Which I had to tell the OCD voice in my head to take a hike, because after all, this is HER tree. Not mine:

But some were hung perfectly:

And this stool is still in place:

Because frequently, we'll find her like this:

Just staring at her tree. I think my girl shares her mama's passion for Christmas Tree decorations.


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  1. Oh my gosh. Idea stolen. I'm totally getting Jessica her own tree now. I promised Mark we'd get a fake tree this year, but if I get Jessica her own.. then I can totally get her a real one and have real tree smell and needles in the house!

    Explain the advent + ornaments. We bought an advent gingerbread house for J this year and we're not entirely sure what to do. We've never had an advent anything before. We're thinking about putting experiences in most of the doors but suggestions are appreciated.