Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Beatrice Kate has a new obsession:

We're spending a small fortune in this family on Band-Aids in this house because the child can't just have one band-aide when 15 will do:

I'm half convinced that she enjoys opening their packages the most:

Because she's meticulous in her efforts to peel back the openings:
She takes a lot of joy in peeling off those protective coverings, too:
 Almost as much as she enjoys decorating herself with them:

And the decorations aren't limited to herself... No, no. What Bea-Bea does, Daddy must also do:
And Mommy, too, of course can't escape the Wrath of Dora and her self-adhesive backing:

It's a law, really:

Ahhhh... this one's gonna hurt coming off, Big Guy:


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