Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ain't no needles falling off this here tree... No sir...

For the first time ever, we picked our own Christmas tree straight off the stump this year! In years past, we've gone to lots around town, but this year, since we were home anyway, we capitalized on the proximity to the Mountains and visited a family-owned farm in Boone, NC. And oh, by the way, the mountains are kinda steep:
They were also freakin' freezing cold, so my child naturally couldn't put her arms down:
 I will absolutely make sure she's warm, no matter how stupid she looks. She'll thank me some day, I'm sure.
We weren't alone in our tree-finding adventures. Mandrake and Mimi, and Lacey (my step-sister) and Ava (her daughter) were there to find their trees too:
See, Mimi gets me. She appreciates warm wear as much as I do.
And my father, despite his constant bitching insistence that we could find the same trees at the Food Lion near his house, seemed to have a good time too:
Where's Waldo?
And Bea? Well, she had an okay time at first, as long as she was being bribed with promises of hot chocolate being held:
Because when she wasn't combing the mountain like this:
Or like this:

She did a whole lot of this:
She was like a wobbly newborn colt and couldn't keep her balance on the steep incline of the mountain face:
It was bad ya'll:
And she wasn't the only one having a hard time getting up the hills. CoCo was there too, but she took a no-climbing policy to heart and hung out with the tree-cutters at the foot of the hill:
Cousin Ava, however, is clearly part billy goat and in the time it took Bea to walk the span of 6 feet, Ava had climbed the mountain and back 4 times:
The kid's gross motor skills are crazy good.

Eventually, we found our tree:
And I forced a couple of "Let's take our family picture in front of our family tree" shots:
For which Bea didn't tolerate for long:
Because I'm pretty sure she was starting to freeze from the inside out:
And for her, no amount of tree talk or Santa or even Christmas presents was going to make her face unfrozen. So I sacrificed my scarf to her:
It only looks like I'm trying to smother her. She asked me to hold the scarf in place, I swear.
And we started the long, short distance walk back to the cabin to pay for our tree:
We had about 50 feet to walk, but it took about 50 years to walk it. Her legs were frozen.
Bea expected payment of that hot chocolate she was promised as soon as we walked into the room. I think her brain defrosted and the first thought it received was, "Hey, Where's that Cocoa you guys were talkin' about?":
We packed up and headed back to Mandrakes for one more night, and then tied the tree back to the car for the longest ride ever back to Durham. Thankfully, our tree had it's own ways of staying hydrated during the drive:

Tomorrow! I promise, photos of the tree in place with decorations and lights and all the "creative touches" a two year old seems to add...


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