Thursday, October 18, 2012

We're a Christmas Card Family and you can be one too ...

I won't lie, I take a lot (A LOT) of pride in sending out our family Christmas cards each year. It started the year Casey and I were married and the obsession has only grown since having a baby.

Last year, we ordered our cards through Tiny Prints and they. were. amazing. Don't believe me? See for yourself:



They're pretty incredible aren't they. Not only did they look sharp, they were made out of really high-quality paper. So weirdos like me can keep it up all year long and it doesn't damage easily. Oh, and having a really, really photogenic child doesn't hurt either.

So, it pretty much goes without saying that this year? We'll be re-ordering our seasonal Christmas Cards with Tiny Prints.

The problem is that they have a lot of options to choose from. Some are pretty traditional:
Merry Miracle
Some are more trendy:
Holiday Funfetti

Ahh! Chevron strikes again ... :
Modern Chevron
And if you have a really diverse set of friends and family... well, then maybe this is the card for you?:
Check Your Cheer
Perhaps you're one of those really-on-top-of-things Mamas, who likes to include a family newsletter and updates with your cards. Well, Tiny Prints makes it easy for you too:

Iconic Year
Yearly Review
Year in Numbers
Of course, I'm indecisive, which it makes it really hard to select just one photo to use, so most likely we'll go with a multi-photo card like this:
Photo Garland

Ah but, I do love a Tri-Fold:
Taped Momento
And this one? A Christmas Card and an Ornament combined? Be still my heart:
Spotlight Dots

So, now that I've got you all ready to deck the halls with cards of glory, how about you have a chance to win some Holiday Cheer for yourself? ***GIVEAWAY ALERT!!!!***

How does $50 off your own Tiny Prints order sound?

One lucky reader will get a discount code for $50 off their total order at Here's how to enter chances to win:
1. Mandatory: Visit Tiny Prints on Facebook and tell them hello!
2. Mandatory: Leave a comment below telling me what the tackiest Holiday decoration at your house is (make sure you leave your name and email address if you're not already a follower!)
3. Bonus Entries for (one each, just leave separate comments telling me which ones you did):
  • Follow Tiny Prints on Twitter @TinyPrints
  • Follow me on Twitter @MamaBusyBea
  • Become a follower of our blog, if you're not already one!
  • Follow Tiny Prints on Pinterest
  • Blog, tweet or share on your Facebook page a link to this giveaway 
You have until Oct. 29 to enter! Winner announced on Oct. 30th.

And for everyone else, check out Tiny Print's special offers page to get a deal right now!

The Fine Print: The $50 discount can't be used for shipping or combined with another promotion. But really you guys, it's $50! That's pretty awesome and will go a long way in sending out cards of your own this year. And Tiny Prints is providing me with a discount code of my own for writing this blog post. However, even if they weren't, I'd be using them anyway to get our 2012 Christmas Cards ordered! They're fast, really high-quality and their support team is amazing and ... supportive! So what are you waiting for? Enter to win!



  1. Does my daughter's clothing count? We decorate her to create Christmas spirit - we have very few decorations! So the tackiest thing I can think of - a hat for our daughter than was actually given to us last year - it is red and green, but has tons of red feathers sticking out of it! It's over the top and I would love to give it away (since it's brand-new) but don't have the nerve. Maybe I'll think of something tackier when I pull out our decorations...

    Mary Elizabeth

  2. I'm really not sure what our tackiest decoration is for Christmas. We have a few sparkly glass ornaments with glitter that are NOT my favorite and I'm not even sure where they came from, but we've basically banned tacky, lol. We do have a friend with the "fragile leg lamp" from A Christmas Story that sits in their front window, and I could go for one of those just for kicks! =) Glad to be following you and Tiny Prints on FB and Twitter! Also looking forward to fun ideas on Pintrest from Tiny Prints! Thanks for offering the contest!

  3. Growing up my mom had a plethora of Snowman decorations. They were on every surface of every room. And she didn't get around to taking the down until, April-ish. Six months of white-round-men was just too much for me!

  4. Ash - do you have the link for the card that starts 'The williams'? It's awesome. (ps. don't enter me! ;)

  5. We don't really have anything that's too terribly tacky, thankfully! :)

  6. I already follow Tiny Prints on Twitter. :)

  7. Already follow Tiny Prints on Pinterest!

  8. Posted a link on my Facebook!

  9. Hey Ashley! I wouldn't say we have any tacky holiday decorations. However, 2 years ago I gave my daughter a stuffed animal for Christmas that I bought at the pet store. Turns out it's really supposed to be a dog toy Ugh!

  10. I am such a nut about Christmas that I really love all of our decorations! I used to think that colored Christmas lights were the height of tacky - I grew up with plain white lights only, ever, on anything. My husband feels the opposite, so we alternate which lights go on our tree each year. The colored lights have grown on me, and I am coming around to loving them too. Off to go do my Facebook contest entry and bonus entry duties :)

  11. Just became a follower of your blog :)

  12. We have this pinecone snowman thing. Trust me, tacky!
    I think yo have my email address. I'm Amy, mom to C & O!

  13. Following TinyPrints on Twitter!

  14. Following Tiny Prints on Pinterest.

  15. Left a comment on Tiny Prints FB page:


  16. (We haven't decorated for Halloween yet because, OMG, I am a horrible mother. Oops? The Fall stuff is up, but not Halloween. Bad mom.)

  17. I follow TinyPrints on twitter (@FireMom)

  18. I followed you on Twitter (@FireMom)

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