Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday Thoughts ...

  • Don't forget that you still have a few days to enter the giveaway for $50 to Tiny Prints. I don't mean to sound like a broken record, but for realz. $50 to Tiny Prints is like gold. So get on it. Like today.
  • Sorry I've been MIA for the past few days. I actually had three (3!) babies come this week (one ahead of schedule and two were approaching two weeks late). Needless to say, I've been a little tired. And busy. But mostly, really tired. 
  • Because I've been so tired, I actually locked my keys in the car last night when we got to Bea's dance class. In the ignition. How's that for genius. My husband was so sweet about it, but I saw him snickering to the Locksmith...
  • Bea is visiting the dentist for the first time today!!! I plan to take as many pictures as she'll allow- but also expect this to be a colossal disaster.
  • I just discovered that the time changes next week. Blech. That means that instead of Bea greeting us each morning at 7, she'll now come out of her room at 6. 
  • Yea, so that's still going on. What happened to our late-sleeper? She used to go until 10 some days! Now, we're lucky if she stays put until 7:15. It wouldn't be so bad if she couldn't pick her way out of every locked door. It may be time to deploy extreme measures.
  • On Sunday, we have our second Meet the Doula event for my doula collective here in town. One of my favorite midwives in the area is coming to speak to the group (well, maybe only one couple and not so much a group) about the differences between midwifery care and OB care. Cause ya'll? There's such a difference.
  • I'm secretly kind of glad that one of my November babies came a little ahead of schedule, because now it means I have about 5 weeks until the next one is due. I may get to go home to visit Mandrake and Mimi!!



  1. Does that mean we're in the baby clear for the 5th? ;)

  2. Three babies in one week!

    Geez, thanks for the reminder about the time change. Earlier wake ups...fantastic.

    Happy Thursday.