Monday, October 29, 2012

Sassy Pants

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You guys, two and a half is kicking my butt. Not only can Bea talk and tell us what she wants rightthisverysecond. She can also tell us what she doesn't want. But it's not just limited to her needs. She also frequently tells us what she doesn't want you to have or not have. And what she never, ever, ever will ever want thankyouverymuch, so stop asking. K?

It's exhausting. Seriously. I spend the better part of my days now, saying "no",  putting her in timeout or threatening to put her in timeout. And it's not like timeouts actually do anything. She's figured out now that to end her time in Purgatory, she only has to stand up. And walk away. And go back to whatever it was that landed her a visit with the Time Out Turtle.

We're not really a spanking kind of family, so that's not really an option for us. So aside from Failed Time Outs... what the heck can I do?!?

Casey gets quite upset with me because eventually, I just give in to her; for the simple reason that I am tired of saying no. ALL. DAY. LONG. Eventually I just start picking my battles.

And public outings? Have become a full family process now. It takes both of us to reign her in because if she's not darting out into traffic (yep, that's happening), then she's shouting an ear-piercing wail of "I WANT THAT. NOW!". She's turning into a real-life Veruca Salt!

When did she even learn that phrase? I certainly don't say it and she doesn't watch TV aside from a few Super Why!s and a Dora here and there... and I'm reasonably sure that the words "Mine!" and "Now!" don't come up that often.

Oh and the "Mine"s? I feel a little like stabbing my eyeballs out every time I hear it. It's like she operates under the mantra, "What's yours is mine and what's mine is mine"... I'm getting worried for her future life partner.

All of this mis-behavior is ffectively making us look like contenders for the "Worst Parents of the Year" title. Can someone please provide a little guidance for how to reign in this Toddler 'Tude, please? Or at least tell me that this is just a phase, a "Season of Life" and I'm not raising the most self-centered mini-human around?!? Please?


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  1. From my limited observations I'm pretty sure you can blame the bulk of the misbehaviour on preschool! Especially those phrases like MINE and I want it now! I'm getting really nervous about sending J to one someday!