Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Life. Blogged. (Tuesday)

Continuing today with what we did yesterday ... Sorry if this is only interesting to my Dad. I'm pretty sure he's the only reader we have left these days :) (Just kidding, I know there are like 4 others)

12:01: (that's a.m.) Fun Fact- A large majority of women go into labor at night. At least, a large majority of the women who are my clients seem to! So today I have a super early wake-up call and head over to stay with a friend (and postpartum client)'s oldest child while they deliver Baby Brother. (Funny side story: Casey is so used to these middle-of-the-night wake-up calls, that he didn't even register that I was gone until after I left. Good thing we talk about Bea-care plans when he's awake)

6:45: Back home. Baby Brother arrived safely and this tired doula got to go back to bed for another hour or so. Oh, naturally, Casey is already up, showered and eating a five course breakfast at this point. So, I give him a kiss and grumble out a Good Morning on my way back to bed.

8:10: Casey wakes Bea up and then me. He heads to work. I get Bea fed breakfast (clearly, Casey was responsible for her breakfast display):

Today's show choice? Back to a classic- Dora:

And Bea wants me to take a picture of her with her breakfast. Notice her newly discovered "Say Cheese" face. Charming huh?:

8:30: While Bea watches Dora, I get myself semi-dressed. And then I get her dressed.

9:00: Bea hasn't finished breakfast, so I packed the remainder apples and pecans in a snack trap for the car ride:

9:05: We head out the door for school:

Bea now insists that she do everything "By My-Self" and that includes buckling herself into her carseat:

Before I get hate mail about how the chest strap is too low... I always adjust it and secure everything before we pull out of park. So there.

9:15: Arrive at school. I think it's an un-written Mom Rule that we all might notice that every Mom at School Drop off looks like she just rolled out of bed, but we don't say as much. Of course, there are the few who look like they rolled out of the JCrew catalog pages; but for the most part- we all have zero make-up, gym clothes and ponytails. Anyway, I asked Bea to stand under a cute flag so I could take her photo, this is what I got:

We go upstairs and Bea runs to the "snack table" to enjoy her morning snack. Or as I call it- Breakfast continued. Apparently other kids wake up well before 8...
She was too into that pretzel stick to notice her Helicopter Mom taking photos.

9:30-12:30: Usually while Bea is at school, I'll run errands or go to the gym. On days when I get up at midnight, I go back to sleep.

12:30: Husby bikes home to make himself lunch:

12:45: I pick Bea up from school, still looking like I rolled out of bed. Well, I did.

1-2:00: Today I kept another doula's child while she attended a birth. Hunter came over to play for the afternoon:

2:00-4:00: Glorious Naptime! And, clearly the Lord knew I needed some quiet time, because BOTH kiddos napped for almost two hours!

4:00-5:30: Playtime! And play these kids did! The sufficiently wrecked my house, but it's not like it was clean to begin with:

5:30-6:00: Casey handled playtime with the kiddos, and I attended to dinner. Tonight's meal? Beef stir-fry:

6:00: The kids were not impressed:

6:30: Hunter went home and Bea decided to be carried around the house in a shopping bag:

6:31: Shocker! The bag broke:

6:32: No matter, she played in it anyway...:

7:30: Bedtime stories with Daddy again and an early bedtime Bea.

8:00: Mama goes to bed, Casey apparently went outside to plant our fall Kale and Collards in the garden. Helpful? Yes. Weird? Double yes. But I'm thankful none-the-less.


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