Monday, October 15, 2012

Life. Blogged. (The rest of last week)

Ok, so clearly, I have commitment issues. Truthfully? I thought I would bore you all out of your minds if I recounted every. single. moment of our lives Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. So instead? Let's do a recap of the highlights instead? Compromise is my specialty, btw.


We used the morning to run a few errands, including a trip to AC Moore to pick up supplies for Bea's upcoming Halloween costume, a new fall wreath (both of which I have yet to make), oh and this:
A felt pumpkin that Bea can make happy or smiley or wear panties and a hairbow?...
"Panties" would be the pink triangle at the bottom of Pumpkin's face...
 I'll admit, this wasn't an original idea to me. It was a Pinterest find, and because I'm less than crafty... it was easy enough for even me to make.  

Then we hightailed it over for our daily trip to Whole Foods, where they too are getting into the (creepy) Halloween spirit:

After a nap (yep, a full 30 minutes of silence), we changed into something a little more comfortable:

And headed out to dance class:

I haven't written a post (yet) on the extensive cuteness of this class, but suffice to say... It's insanely adorable and well-worth every penny we paid for it to see Bea blossom out of her little shy shell:
Be still my heart ...

After frolicking and rolling and whatever else they do with a class full of toddlers, our dear friends Laura (who Bea refers to as "Doc-tohr Law-rah") and Madeline's for a tea party. And Laura? She's a A+ Party Planner and pulled out the fine silver and monogrammed! sugar cubes for our little afternoon tea:
Bea's first foray into Tea and it got a thumbs up!

Seriously, she even made bunny shaped sandwiches!!!

Bea, however, was more excited about the Princess hat she uncovered in Madeline's Disney Treasure Trove:


We went to the Library for Storytime where Bea proceeded to spent the entire time reclining in my lap:
Dancing and singing is for babies, you guys. Cool Kids Chillax'

And then we went for a Girl's Lunch at a local Mexican restaurant, and Bea ate her plate and mine:

Oh and she started her new collection. Of Bandaids:
World's most expensive hobby.

The rest of the week was spent at the park:
Thank you Casey for teaching our child how to climb to the top of the Tower of Terror Jungle Gym.

Showing off our new shoes:
Embracing the Hipster Lifestyle, one shoe at a time...
 And with friends:
Clearly, Bea spends way too much time inviting herself to Madeline's ...
What all did you and yours do this weekend?


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