Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Life. Blogged. (Monday)

Remember like two weeks ago, I was all "Oh, I think I'll blog about our days for a week" and then never did it? Yea, me either.

Well, guess what?!? It's happening. Now. Here is what our life looked like yesterday... more or less:

8:00: Casey leaves for work and I barely register that he's gone. What? I'm not a morning person, people! Thankfully, Bea takes after me in this regard and I sleep for another 45 minutes.

8:45: Beatrice Kate starts knocking on her door. This is her new thing, instead of opening it straight away. She wants breakfast, like five minutes ago...

8:50: Breakfast happens. Only, because my child has the weirdest pallet known to man this is what she eats:
Yep, that's celery. For Breakfast. She's weird...

She also gets to watch an episode of a television show. Usually it's Dora. This week though, she's into Shaun the Sheep because, "It's just sooooo silly" (according to her):
Man this kiddo has some serious bed-head:
I use this time to get dressed and at the very least, brush my teeth and put in my contacts. You have to be a multi-tasker if you're a mama, folks. And I'm totally okay with rotting my child's brain for 30 minutes of un-interrupted primp time.

9:30: I get Bea dressed for the day. To minimize arguments, I usually lay out two outfits for her and she chooses what she wants to wear. I do this because, if I don't then this happens:

10:00: We drive over to a local coffee shop to meet our friends, Shannon, Lena and Louisa. Bea has a muffin and some chocolate milk. Mama has a big coffee:

Bean Traders is a Mother's Dream Come True because not only do they have amazing coffee, they have a free storytime for kiddos every Monday at 10:30. The cherry on top for Bea, is the fact that the kids get to make a craft. If there's one thing Bea loves, it's an art project:
Bea spends approximately 400 years 45 minutes peeling the backs off of leaf stickers and creates a masterpiece (without any assitance thankyouverymuch):
11:30: We head over to Southpoint Mall to pick up some more make-up at Bare Essentials. Oh, and attempt to burn a little Toddler Energy off on their indoor playground. No photos of that, because I didn't want to creep out the other parents.

12:30: We head home. Casey was there waiting for us, as he is most days. This is one of the reasons we moved to Durham- so we could spend more time together as a family. And lunchtime? It's family time.

1:30: Naptime!!!! Glorious, sweet naptime. I use this time to do some work. I make client phone calls, catch up on email, lose time on Facebook...

2:00: Except today, instead of napping, Bea uses this time to make up new songs and oh, pound on the door for an hour asking "Mommy! Mommy where arrrreee yoouuuu???". Don't believe me? Here's a sound recording of her in action. It's totally too long and there's not any actual video to see, but it's worth hanging in there for the entire thing. Make sure your speakers are turned up; the kid is a comedian:
2:45: We both give up on naptime. Instead, we head over to yet another mall. Normally, we would go to a park or play out in the backyard, but Monday was dreary and freakin' cold. So we opted for indoor entertainment instead. This mall is about a 3 minute drive from the house and THEY! HAVE! A! CAROUSEL! It's only $2 a ride but it could be a million dollars a ride, I would happily pay it to see this reaction:

Mama! They have lights on this carousel! And Sparkly Jewels too!
We ride the carousel approximately 30 times and move on to the indoor train:
Each time she came around, she would wave and say, "Bye Bye Mommy! I'm riding the train away"
5:00: We leave the mall and head over to Whole Foods to pick up a few things for dinner and Bea's lunch box for school the next day. In a happy surprise, Casey meets us there!

5:30: Home. Whew! And now it's Daddy time! Bea's favorite part of the day. Usually, they read books or play instruments. Today, they did both:
Casey is nothing short of an amazing father. Seriously. He never runs out of patience and he always has time for the smallest of things when Bea asks it of him:
I use this time to get dinner ready and tidy up the house a bit. Because a toddler who's been cooped up inside on a rainy day is a toddler who leaves a path of destruction!

6:45: Dinner time! Tonight's dinner was a pork tenderloin with a pan gravy and roasted brussel sprouts (with bacon of course). Though this photo doesn't show it, Bea actually loves Brussel sprouts. She ate more than Casey and I both...combined:
I'm sure she was just trying to show off her plate, right? Right?!?
And, she's not the only one who loves them either:
Well, hello there.
We let Arnold get away with stuff more and more these days because I think we both know that his days are numbered. For a 16 year old though- he's pretty handsome. So, really, what's a little shared brussel sprout between friends?:

7:30: Bea's a very, very slow eater. It's not uncommon for her to take longer than an hour or two at a meal. She talks, tells stories, tells us about her day and sings songs throughout her meals. Tonight, though, she showed up her latest artwork endeavor. Body art:
7:45: Bea gets a bath. Usually one of us will give her a bath and the other will clean the kitchen. Tonight, we both cleaned the kitchen and Casey handled bathtime so I could get some work done:
8:00: Jam-Jam Time also known as "Wrestle-the-toddler-cage-fighter-into-clothing" time. It's a real treat. Not:

8:10: Storytime. This has been a nightly routine since Bea was a new baby. As a postpartum doula, I often teach new parents how to establish a routine and emphasize it's importance partly because of how well it has worked in our family. Plus? This is the sweetest time of our day:

8:30: Bedtime for Bea Bea. Believe it or not, Casey is the one who puts Bea to bed each night. That's because of a lot of reasons, but mostly because when she was little, she used to nurse and nurse and nurse and cry out if I put her down. Casey started taking over for me and voila! She slept like a champ. Now, he sings her to sleep each night. I told you, he's amazing.

8:45: Marriage time. Casey and I have been really working hard on improving our marriage this year and putting an emphasis on spending quality time together. Sometimes that time includes watching a favorite TV show, or sometimes it's just sitting with a glass of wine and talking about our day. Tonight? We caught up over a (North Carolina brewed) pumpkin ale... it was heaven:

You may or may not know that Casey commutes to work on a bike, so tonight's topic of conversation was his new headlight for his commuter bike. We live a glamorous life, I tell you. He told me to be sure I pointed out that it is USB rechargeable. Whatever that means:

10:00: Bedtime for us. The first year we were married, we promised to never have a TV in our bedroom. So often, we'll head to bed and read or catch up on blogs on our Kindle or have a Tetris tournament. It's a quiet, pleasant way to close out the day.

I can't promise I'll be able to keep this up for a week, but I'm really going to try... hang in there!


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  1. LOL you need to give me a head's up first! I guess I'll link up and do my day in photos tomorrow (fear it would not be entertaining enough in words alone..) that is... if I can find my camera charger!

    Definitely plan on us joining you for coffee and crafts one Monday! Sounds great.