Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day at the Museum ...

After hanging out in the house in Tuesday because of a snuffly nose and a pouty toddler:
We absolutely HAD to get out of the house on Wednesday. And I knew just the place to burn some energy- our favorite local museum, the Museum of Life and Science.

You guys, this is the museum to end all museums. It rocks. And Bea? She freakin' loves the place too. And that's the reason we have an annual membership, so she can be schooled in things like ...

Opossums, who finally FINALLY! are awake for once:
I guess it could have been playing possum this entire time, too.

And the lemurs, who were doing a Collins Family Favorite Activity, chillaxin':

Bea thought they were hilarious and we spent the better part of 30 minutes just watching "The Lemurs in the Window":

Unfortunately, the farmyard was closed yesterday to get it ready for the newest exhibit, and Bea was very, very upset that she couldn't show "Lightin' the Donkey" her new pink shoes. However, when I told her that the newest exhibit was a collection of Alpacas, well, she changed her tune pretty quickly:

Then we headed over to the "Catch the Wind" area and Bea commanded the miniature shipyard and its sailboats:

Finally, we checked out the new area called "Into the Mist", which Bea had never tried:

And she quickly discovered:

That she hated it:

No really, she HATED. IT.:

So we tried out the tunnels instead:

And the hut:

And then we started the long (by toddler standards) walk back to the car:

This is when Toddler Time came out in full effect. Bea took what should have been a 5 minute walk, and stretched it into nearly 30 minutes by dragging her feet by stopping to dance:

And jump:

And Oh, what's that I hear? The Train? Mommy did you hear the train? Mommy, it says Choo-Choo:
And we played her new favorite game of "Slow, Slow, Quick, Slow" walk:

And finally, we found our way back home in time for nap and dance. Oh and I finally finished my latest Pinterest conquest, the Fall yarn wreath (which I'm quite proud of, considering I'm the least crafty human on earth):

And you would think that after all the excitement of the day, that Bea would be ready to crash. Nope. She had energy left to burn, so in addition to Glo-stick bathtime, Casey and Bea also had storytime last night by Glo-stick light. It was adorable:


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