Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Durham Bull ...

If you're not from North Carolina you may or may not know that Durham is nicknamed "The Bull City". Which is why our baseball team is called "The Durham Bulls" and why my doula collective is known as the Bull City Doulas.

It also goes a ways towards explaining why my daughter thinks that anything bovine-related is automatically named or related to "Wooly Bully" (the Durham Bulls' mascot, which Bea misnames of course).

For example, after dining at (you guessed it) Bull City Burger and Brewery last night:
Face-stuffing with a hamburger, where she ate more bun than meat.

Bea was very, very excited to show her "drawing" of Wooly Bully to (and I swear she said this) his cousin... The Durham Bull:
Oh how nice. A drawing of a cow ...
Though, I'm not sure if her drawing wasn't actually more of a threat in hindsight:
Better watch it Cow, or you'll be tomorrow's burger!
Regardless, Bea was excited to show it off to The Durham Bull, so we walked a few blocks down to take it to him in person:
I hope he likes it!
See? Right here. Get in line or your ground beef, buddy.
At first, she was kind of just in awe of the giant statue:
Wow. He's kinda tall, huh?
But she eventually warmed up to Him and got serious about his critique of her artwork:
Yes, I thought you'd see how great it was!

Then she asked to "pet" The Durham Bull:
And even asked to kiss him... which honestly grossed me out a little, but hey, what's a little staff infection between friends?:
Don't worry- I sanitize the crap out of that hand ...

And proceeded to ask questions about his anatomy. Questions like: "Does The Durham Bull have horns?":
Does The Durham Bull have a nose?
Does the Durham Bull have a nostril?:

Does The Durham Bull have TWO nostrils?:
And then she wanted to take a walk around The Durham Bull to check out his neck:
Which of course, lead to asking questions about his tail:
And, well, once we were all gathered at the Business End of The Durham Bull... it just got awkward for everyone. Quickly. So we ushered her away as fast as we could:

I'm really hoping we didn't scar her for life ...
My parents are freaks.


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  1. She is such a cutie! And I love your photo captions--they crack me up every time!!