Wednesday, September 5, 2012

That first day ...

Beatrice Kate started a Parents Morning Out program this fall. She'll be attending two mornings a week, for a total of less than 4 hours away each morning. That's almost 8 glorious hours apart from each other a week.

At first, Bea wasn't so keen on the whole idea of school:
Say what? School? No. Way.
But then we talked, and talked, and talked about what "school" was and how she would meet new friends and how she could play all morning with new toys and she would have a new teacher that she could meet and that she could eat snacks like cookies and Goldfish. And then I got out my camera to take her photo, and she was on board:
Hold up. You said Cookies, right?
Ok, I'm in.
After a hug and a kiss from Daddy, you know, for his emotional well-being:
Melts. My. Heart.
 She was ready to load up:
Let's do this, Mama.
 And seriously, how cute does she look?

Showing off her Sparkly TOMS (the socks were her idea, not mine).
You guys, her backpack is as big as she is. I'm dying of cuteness overload:

How did she do? Well, this mama's heart was so, so proud of her girl. She skipped (SKIPPED!) to her class room from the parking lot and never looked back, except to ask, "Mama will promise to come back?" and after I pinky swore that Yes, no matter what she does in life, Mama promises to always come back. She ran forward on her way to Independence:
Somebody hold me:



  1. oh my goodness she is so cute!!

  2. We started preschool this week too! So much fun.